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sábado, março 08, 2014

The Best Practices Policy Project, the Desiree Alliance and Global Action for Trans* Equality are calling for US-wide and international action on +March 14, 2014 to support Monica Jones’ campaign for the rights of transgender people and sex workers.

Demishevich: "She insulted my gender identity"
Michelle Demishevich, known as Turkey’s first transsexual TV reporter, was sued by Derya Tüzün because Demishevich was allegedly taking her dog out to poop in the yard adjacent to Tüzün’s house in Şişli. Demishevich on the other hand, countersued Tüzün, indicating that Tüzün insulted her gender identity by asking her, “Are you a man or a woman?” Tüzün stated, “I did not hit her with a chair. She pushed me to the floor. Also, I did not provoke the defendant with words like ‘I cannot even tell if you are a man or a woman.’ I only said that she did not have manners.”

Transgender activism in Russia
Report by Yana Sitnikova
This article was submitted to Freedom Requires Wings by Yana Sitnikova, a Russian transfeminist activist from Moscow.

Parents form 'gender creative' support group
A little Prince George boy lives his life as a Tom Girl. He and his family have found that society is not as prepared to accept him, compared to his Tom Boy counterparts.

Transgender teen girl admits lying about sexual assault 'hate crime' in high school bathroom
A transgender female high school student who told police a horrifying tale that she was physically and sexually assaulted by three boys for using the men's restroom has admitted she made the whole thing up.

Transgender woman sues for $2.5 million after being told she must compete as man in CrossFit Games
Says defendant: "Our decision has nothing to do with ignorance or being bigots - it has to do with a very real understanding ... of fundamental biology'
CrossFit Won’t Let Transgender Woman Compete In Upcoming Games Because “She Was Born With A Penis”

UI Board of Trustees passes addition of gender confirmation surgery for Urbana campus
Next semester, Chip Austin, trans* graduate student, will have the ability to take advantage of a surgery he would not be able to afford without student health insurance: gender confirmation surgery.

City issues new guidance on transgender students
New York City schools for the first time have gotten explicit guidance from the Department of Education about how to handle students who are transgender.
Transgender Student Guidelines

Shorewood School District adopts transgender-supportive policy
The Shorewood School District has become the first in Milwaukee County to adopt a policy recognizing and protecting transgender students.