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sexta-feira, abril 25, 2014

Transexual morta em Itaqua pode ser enterrada como indigente
Na madrugada de segunda-feira, uma transexual sem documentos de identificação foi encontrada morta na estrada do Pinheirinho, no Parque Macedo em Itaquaquecetuba/SP. Ainda não se sabe a causa da morte, não foi encontrado marcas de violência em seu corpo.

Transsexual crippled with pain from botched sex change operation made false police report
A transsexual who complained to police she was being abused by yobs after having a sex change operation has pleaded guilty to wasting police time.

Gender activists want law change in Italy
Italy’s Movement of Transexxual Identity (MIT) is fighting to allow sex change without surgery in state civil records.

New Russian bill will control sex reassignment surgeries
A bill aimed at controlling plastic surgery, including sex reassignment surgery (SRS), was developed by members of Russian Communist Party, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports. The authors call for the creation of a registry of people who changed their appearance, including perceived gender, and other parts of the body. The registry may contain photos of the person before and after operation, description of body modifications and even reasons for them. The surgeons who conceal the fact of operations will have to pay a fine of 300,000 rubles (~ 8,300 USD), and in case their patient commits a crime, they may go to jail for five years. The bill will be introduced into the State Duma in May.

[New Zealand]
Model ditching 'can't win' bikini comp
An Auckland model has decided to pull out of a bikini competition, which she can’t win because she is transgender.

New provincial policy to protect transgender rights
The Ontario Human Rights Commission today launched a new policy to help protect the rights of trans individuals and people of diverse genders.

Exigen justicia por la muerte de Aldana
La organización Unidos por la Diversidad pidió modificaciones en leyes y además reiteró el pedido para que se esclarezca el asesinato.