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segunda-feira, abril 14, 2014

Transgender women of Paris in the fifties and sixties
These beautiful photographs of transgender women, in Paris from the late 1950s and early 1960s were taken by Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm, who traveled to Paris in the late-fifties, where he hoped to create a new kind of night-life street photography. Strömholm lived in the Red Light district, around Place Blanche and Pigalle, where he made friends with many of the young transgender women who worked the streets and hotels to make a living.

No LGBTI Candidates Elected in Turkish Local Elections
The Supreme Election Committee (YSK) started to release the official results of the local elections held on March 30. According to the official results, none of the LGBTI activists who were candidates in the local elections won membership to the municipality council.

Turkey's Transgender Community Finds New Voice
Turkey is experiencing a record level of state-led censorship. Last week the government banned Twitter and Youtube ahead of local elections to stem the flow of dissent and criticism aimed at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But astonishingly while Mr Erdogan continues to crackdown on press freedoms and civil liberties, Istanbul's transgender community is finding a new voice.

Parliamentary panel offers to 'help gays and cross-dressers end their suffering'
A National Assembly panel in Kuwait has offered to ‘end the suffering’ of gay people and cross-dressers.
Kuwaiti MPs offers "specialised doctors" to help cure gays

Out of 65 lakh voters only 11 register as transgenders in Pune
Social stigma refrain them from coming to the public and declaring their identity

Watchdog: Push for transgenders in military is about money, not 'equality'
A conservative military watchdog says a former Surgeon General of the United States is off the mark in her recommendation that "transgendered" individuals should be able to join the military.

SG passes resolution for "preferred name" option for records
Student Government passed a resolution last week with overwhelming support to provide a “preferred name option” to official University records for students who wish to go by a different name than their legal name.

Supporters rally behind transgender student
Supporters of the LGBT community rallied outside Central Piedmont Community College on Friday on behalf of a transgender CPCC student who is gaining national attention over claims that she was detained, questioned and harassed by campus security after exiting a campus women’s restroom on March 18.

Trans Pioneer Christie Lee Van De Putte Dead at 51
The effervescent trans woman was one of the first to sue for the right to survivor benefits in the late 1990s when her husband died of alleged medical malpractice.