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sexta-feira, abril 04, 2014

Portugal vai estudar direitos sexuais das pessoas transgénero
Projeto europeu abrange também a França, Reino Unido, Holanda e Suécia

Travesti é morto com pancadas na cabeça nesta quarta-feira (2)
A vítima estava em via pública e vestia uma blusa preta, uma bermuda jeans e uma sandália. Um pedaço de madeira, possivelmente a arma do crime, foi achado ao lado do corpo
Corpo de travesti é encontrado com marcas de espancamento

Mariela Castro Attends Paris Event on Transsexualism
Mariela Castro, the director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), participated in an international conference on March 28-29 in Paris on Genders, Cultures and Society, where the issue of transsexuality was addressed, reported Prensa Latina.

RCB to hire services of eunuchs to recover tax
The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has decided to hire the services of eunuchs on the pattern of Karachi to ensure recovery of property tax.

Transgender Candidate Gets a Feel of Poll Arena Ahead of Campaign
Bharathi Kannamma, a transgender who took the political plunge by filing nomination papers as an independent candidate for the Madurai constituency on Saturday, conducted a field study among the vegetable vendors and autorickshaw drivers, in the city on Monday.

[South Korea]
South Korean sex-change surgeon corrects 'God's mistakes'
As Dr. Kim Seok-Kwun begins surgery to create a functioning penis for a Buddhist monk who was born female, he is well aware of the unease his work creates in this deeply conservative country. The devout Protestant known as the “father of South Korean transgender people” once wrestled with similar feelings.

LGBT group blasts 'discrimination' against transgender
A group of transgender people in the country on Monday denounced the alleged discrimination committed by a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in Quezon City against its transgender employee.

Justiça australiana reconhece terceira opção no registo do género
O Supremo Tribunal da Austrália aceitou a possibilidade de uma pessoa poder ser reconhecida perante o Estado como tendo um “género neutro”, além das actuais opções entre feminino e masculino – tornando-se um dos poucos países a admitir esta variante.

Trans* flag to fly over Saskatoon city hall for first time
Trans* Awareness Week raising awareness through events across province

MEUSA appoints Denise Norris, transgender leader, to board of directors
Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) has appointed Denise Norris to its board of directors. MEUSA said in a press statement, “As a recognized leader in the transgender community, Denise brings a great depth of advocacy and organizing experience in the workplace, community, and beyond — as well as a commitment to building a holistic movement for all LGBT-aligned individuals.”

Wonder Woman Stands by 8-Year-Old Tomboy
Lynda Carter tweeted her support for young Sunnie Kahle after she was removed from her Christian elementary school for 'exhibiting an alternative gender identity.'

Living intersex: more than just male or female
One of the first questions an expecting couple asks is the sex of their child. A girl means pink walls, frilly outfits, flowered headbands and plenty of stuffed toys appropriate for a little girl. A boy means blue or green onesies adorned with trucks and dinosaurs and a future of Ninja Turtles and contact sports.

Chicago Has A Thriving Transgender Community
Some of America’s most prominent transgender people live here—and they helped make Trans 100 a hit in Rogers Park.

CPS Teacher Comes Out to Community as Transgender
At Murray Language Academy in Hyde Park, she's known as Mr. Jeff Rowell.

Maryland conservatives weighing challenge to transgender-rights bill
The conservative political site is asking visitors to the website to fill out a survey on whether they would support gathering petition signatures aimed at overturning SB 212, a transgender-rights bill that is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) in the coming weeks.

Transgender student says CPCC security humiliated her
A transgender student at CPCC says she was discriminated against and wants an apology from the school.

[El Salvador]
Comunidad trans pide esclarecer 149 "crímenes de odio"
Dirigentes de la comunidad LGTBI reclaman que se haga justicia en unos 149 casos de "asesinatos de odio", es decir, personas que han sido asesinadas por su condición sexual.

Presumen ajuste de cuentas por homicidio de "Jade"
Los impactos de bala entre boca, nariz y cabeza acabaron de manera inmediata con la vida de un joven peluquero, identificado como Miguel Ángel Aquino