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sábado, março 29, 2014

Amigos, já mandei o perfil do Daniel antes, mas até o momento a postagem da morte dele não foi feita nesse site. Ele voltava de uma festa no dia 16 de março de 2014, de madrugada e foi assaltado, levaram o tênis dele. Bateram muito no rosto dele, e deram mais de um tiro. Vítima da homofobia e latrocínio.

Transgender woman claims State failed to enact laws recognising her rights
A transgender woman claims the State continues to fail enact laws recognising her rights as a transgendered person despite a declaration six years ago that such failure breached human rights, the High Court was told.

A night with transgender sex workers in Windhoek
The shadowy figure moves gracefully towards the right front door of my parked car. I look up and see the person smiling and staring down at me. “I am glad you made it. This is going to be the best night of your life,” a voice, which I recognise as belonging to Mama Africa, tells me. - See more at:

Israeli Health Ministry clears HMO funding for genital reassignment surgery abroad
In order get HMO support for patients requesting surgery, health officials had to deem the surgery treatment for a 'birth defect.'

Transgender students fight discrimination in school
It started in Grade 10 with a haircut.
No one was that surprised. People cut their hair short all the time. But a year later, Bailey Lindsay began asking students and teachers to change pronouns, from "her" to "him."

From Dee to Patti: Transgender Women Fighting Back Against Sexual Assault in Detention
Imagine how scared you would be if you were taken into custody by the police and told repeatedly that you are not who you know yourself to be. You are already afraid and the process is out of your control. You want to at least be kept safe while you are in custody, but officers ignore your pleas.

TUSD: Transgender students allowed to use whichever bathroom they identify with
A workshop on gender identity was held Wednesday night at Anna Henry Elementary.
Parents fired up over bathroom incident at TUSD school
Parents outraged after Arizona school allows boys and girls to use whichever bathroom they choose
TUSD adds transgendered to its non-discrimination policy

Bill to Ensure Accurate Gender Reflected on Transgender People’s Death Certificates Moves Forward on Bipartisan Committee Vote
The Respect After Death Act (AB 1577), authored by Assembly Speaker-elect Toni Atkins and sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, passed the Assembly Health Committee today by a bipartisan provisional vote of 17-1. The bill is designed to help ensure transgender people have their authentic gender identity reflected on their death certificates.

Center plans for trans visibility, Soiree events
The LGBT Community Center is preparing for its inaugural Transgender Day of Visibility event next week and looking ahead to next month when it will celebrate its 12th anniversary.

Transphobic Coalition Files Lawsuit Against Calif. Secretary of State
Despite repeated set backs along the way, Privacy for All Students continues their attack on a California law.

Chico celebrates transgender diversity
Chico is recognizing that transgender people deserve equality and consideration this week.

Investigation: No Discrimination Found Against Transgender Police Officer
A city investigation has determined that there is no evidence to support a claim by Officer Francesca Quaranta that she was discriminated against by the police department after she revealed that she was transgender.

City of Orlando to issue Transgender Day of Visibility proclamation
For the first time ever, the city of Orlando is issuing a proclamation in recognition of the International Transgender Day of Visibility – a day to celebrate and raise awareness about the transgender community.

UPDATE: 35-year-old woman pleads not guilty to molestation of teen
A transgender woman pleaded not guilty Friday to engaging in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy during a Columbus Recorder’s Court hearing.

Maryland House advances transgender rights bill
A bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity is headed to a final debate and vote in the House of Delegates.
Public restrooms debated during Md. House measure to stop transgender discrimination
Maryland Republicans signal fight on transgender-rights bill
Maryland Transgender Rights Bill Heads to Governor for Signature
NCTE Welcomes Passage of MD Transgender Discrimination Bill