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quinta-feira, março 20, 2014

Porteiros da discoteca Get Back de Barcelona em julgamento por transfobia
Dois anos e meio após os factos sentam-se no banco dos réus os porteiros da discoteca. Da parte dos agredidos só compareceram um casal trans, outras duas trans femininas, por medo, não apresentaram denúncia.

Neglected 'Others' want to shun elections
Transgenders (hijra community) may have voting rights with 2014 Lok Sabha elections creating history by introducing a separate column — other — for their enrollment, but sadly just four out of the more than 2,000 transgenders in the Port City have received voter ID cards with almost two-thirds complaining that they are yet to get their cards though they had applied for it months ago.
India's forgotten third sex

Trans* and intersex in ACT set for a landmark win
Trans* and intersex residents of the ACT are set for a win tomorrow when the territory’s government is expected to pass laws that will allow them to officially change their gender without requiring reassignment surgery.
ACT to debate amendment to improve rights of transgender and intersex people

[New Zealand]
Work needed on gender identity equality
A Christchurch Pride Rainbow Politics event has heard New Zealand still has a long way to go to address inequalities around gender identity

University of Saskatchewan expands discrimination policy to include gender identity
Advocates for equality are praising the University of Saskatchewan for amending its discrimination and harassment prevention policy to include transgendered, transsexual and two-spirited people.
Transgender rights not protected, prof says

Transsexual woman at 63: 'It's about being ourselves in our lives'
Nanci Blu was a man until her late 50s and now, at 63, she feels she's simply evolving

Facebook Expands Gender Options
In mid-February, social media giant Facebook made a big change. The popular website added 56 new gender options, as well as a choice of preferred gender pronouns, for its United States users.

Long Beach school board revises non-discrimination policies to include transgender youth in accordance with AB 1266
The Long Beach Unified school board voted unanimously Tuesday to enact policies to protect transgender youth from discrimination.

'Orange is the New Black' actress discusses 'gender police,' struggles faced by transgender people
Laverne Cox felt like she was being policed.

Transgender Defense: 'Donna' Says 'Doug' Is the Spokane Serial Killer
A transgender woman accused of being a serial killer is blaming the 1990 murders of three prostitutes in Washington State on Douglas Perry, the person she identified as before her transition.
Perry makes first appearance on cold case murders
Suspected Serial Killer Donna Perry Makes First Appearance In Decades-Old Killings
Transgender woman reportedly blames serial killings on former male self: Legit legal defense or splitting hairs?