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sexta-feira, março 14, 2014

European Parliament adopts new data protection laws protecting LGBT people
The European Parliament has adopted new data protection laws that seek to better protect the private information of an individual pertaining to their sexual orientation and gender identity, the Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT rights announced today.

Uganda and Nigeria: European Parliament calls for targeted sanctions over new laws
Today, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning new laws to imprison lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals in Nigeria and Uganda. The resolution calls on the European Commission and Member States to take immediate action in the fields of political cooperation, aid, and asylum.

Lithuanian lawmakers will vote on 'homosexual propaganda' bill today
Lithuanian lawmakers will vote today on a bill that would ban all public expression of LGBTI identity and impose fines on those who broke the law

Trans woman aims to make history by climbing Mount Everest
A 35-year-old from Nepal hopes to be the first known trans person to reach the peak, aiming to prove LGBTI people can conquer any challenge

Researchers examine experiences of transgender patients in emergency department
A new study out of Western University (London, Canada) has found the majority of transgender patients have had a negative experience when it comes to receiving emergency department (ED) care. The findings, by first author Greta Bauer, PhD, is in press at the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the official publication of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and is now posted online.

21 Times Actors Who Aren’t Actually Transgender Have Played Trans Characters
Despite Laverne Cox’s success on Orange Is The New Black, Hollywood still has a lot of work to do regarding trans visibility.

'Tranny Awards' Changes Its Name, Not Its Nature
After pushback from transgender people, the controversial awards show is finally changing its name, but is it enough?

Panel Urges End To US Ban On Transgender Troops
The United States should join the dozen other nations that allow transgender people to serve in the armed forces, a commission led by a former U.S. surgeon general said in a report released Thursday that concludes there is no medical reason for the decades-old ban and calls on President Barack Obama to lift it.

In Their Own Terms: The Growing Transgender Presence in Pop Culture
The first time Rhys Ernst saw Zackary Drucker was in 2005 at a bar in the East Village.

Trans actress set to speak in San Francisco
Laverne Cox, an actress who has made a name for herself in the LGBTQ community and beyond in recent months, will be speaking in San Francisco next week, where she'll draw from her own story as an African American transwoman from a working class background to discuss how the intersections of race, class, and gender shape the life experiences of trans women of color.

Bay County, Mich., votes down anti-discrimination measure
Leaders in Bay County, Mich., have rejected a measure to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Trans students grapple with insurance
The U’s plan is one of few that cover gender dysphoria treatment.

Miss. House passes anti-gay 'religious freedom bill'
The Mississippi House voted 80 to 37 Wednesday evening to approve a dramatically altered “religious freedom” bill that simply calls for a joint House-Senate Judiciary committee to prepare a report “regarding proposed legislation that protects the religious freedoms of the citizens of the State of Mississippi.” The report is due Dec. 31.

Trans se sometió a cirugía para retirar silicona de su cuerpo
La hinchazón en párpados, producto de la sustancia que tenía en la frente, alertó a Dianne Rodríguez de posibles afectaciones en su salud.

Preocupación por la Dirección de Diversidad Sexual
El Municipio de Neuquén definió no renovar el contrato que tenía Victoria Arriagada la primera funcionaria transexual dela Patagonia.