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segunda-feira, março 17, 2014

“A sociedade não nos considera gente”, diz ativista transexual
Desde 2004, quando um grupo de ativistas de transexuais e travestis ocupou o Congresso Nacional para lançar a campanha “Travesti Respeito”, a data 29 de janeiro foi instituída como símbolo da luta trans em todo o Brasil. E é inegável que entre as letras LGBT, as travestis e transexuais são as principais vítimas de machismo, transfobia e invisibilidade social.

A week of progress for transgender rights across Asia
Hong Kong, Taiwan and India look set for important changes

Imphal stages first pride to fight discrimination
In the capital city of Manipur, a small but diverse group of people show up in the march

Transgender people in Canberra will be able to alter birth certificates
Transgender people in Canberra are set for a landmark win this week when the ACT government passes laws allowing them to change the sex on their birth certificate.

[New Zealand]
MoH confirms MtF surgeries are on hold
The Ministry of Health has confirmed gender realignment surgeries are back on hold due to the retirement of one of the country’s three specialists.

Laverne Cox Is The Woman We’ve Been Waiting For
“It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist.” Orange Is the New Black’s breakout star is ready for her close-up.

Expert Commission: Military Policies on Trans People Not Based on Science
A national commission chaired by a former US Surgeon General and a former health and safety director for the Coast Guard released a major report this week, finding that US military policies on transgender service members are not based on sound medical science and should be revised. The commission found that the ban on service by transgender people is “an expensive, damaging, and unfair barrier to health care access for the approximately 15,450 transgender personnel” who currently service in uniform.

Trans Contestant is Miss Congeniality at Calif. Beauty Pageant
Addie Vincent is the first transgender contestant of the Miss Delta Queen competition, a pageant and fundraiser at the Christian-affiliated Chapman University in Orange County.

Former US Prisoner To Face Spokane Murder Charges
A woman who recently completed her sentence on a federal weapons charge is back in Spokane to face charges she killed three women in 1990.
At the time of the killings, Donna Perry was a man named Douglas Perry. She was booked into the Spokane County Jail on Friday and will face a judge next week.

Transgender Models Prosper in Brazil, Where Carnival and Faith Reign
As a young boy in Brazil’s heartland, Carol Marra watched her parents politely correct strangers who said what a pretty daughter they had. In her teenage years, she coveted the boyfriends of her female classmates and tried out androgynous outfits, dutifully changing back into a young man’s clothes in her car before returning home.