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sexta-feira, março 21, 2014

Yobs throw glass bottle at woman in hate crime
A transgender woman was verbally abused and had a glass bottle thrown at her in a hate crime in Abbots Road.

Transgenders to Attempt 60-Hour Cultural Record
Guess who is gearing up to entertain Chennai for three days of non-stop cultural extravaganza? It’s the city’s transgenders, who, for the first time in Indian history, have gathered together to set a record. They are planning to exhibit their cultural talent for 60 hours straight.

Canberra's transgender and intersex community heartened by change to birth certificate laws
Canberra’s transgender and intersex community are overjoyed at new laws to be passed on Thursday in the ACT Assembly, saying they will finally have official recognition in the mainstream.
Landmark victory for ACT trans* and intersex residents

MQFF celebrates Priscilla anniversary
The Melbourne Queer Festival is marking the anniversary of a queer classic with special screening of a new, digital print.

U of S changes policy to protect transgender people
The University of Saskatchewan has decided to change the school's discrimination and harassment policy to protect transgender people.

Pvt. Manning seeks formal name change to Chelsea
The Army private who was tried and convicted as Bradley Edward Manning for leaking U.S. secrets to WikiLeaks is petitioning a Kansas court for a name change, to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.

Openly Transgender soldier speaks to Vocativ magazine
Jake Eleazer, an Army drill instructor, spoke to Vocativ online magazine about being transgender in the military. Jake has been an exemplary servicemember for the past 8 years but since coming out his military career is uncertain as the administrative separation process has begun.

Transgender Comedian Shares Challenges
Comedian Alison Grillo discussed the challenges and reality of being a transgender woman to UCA students on March 13.

Transgender Woman Claims She Got Fired For Using Women's Bathroom
A transgender woman says she was fired from her job at a Mcdonald's in Star City because she used women's restroom.

Vallejo schools mull transgender student law
The Vallejo school board delved into the complex issue of gender identity Wednesday as it discussed the implications of a new law guaranteeing the rights of transgender students.

Yosemite High science teacher changing gender to 'authentic self'
After spring break, 24-year Yosemite High School science and multimedia teacher Gary Sconce will return to teach as her true self, she says: Karen Adell Scot.

Cape sheriff slams inmate sex surgery
Cape Cod’s sheriff is weighing in on the Michelle Kosilek prison sex-change federal appeals case with an amicus brief saying court-mandated prison surgeries could be a budget-buster and a security threat to county jails, as the state claims they will be for prisons.

Trans Woman Denies Involvement in Murders, Blaming Former Self
A transgender woman is using an atypical defense against charges that she committed a string of murders in Washington State.

Se conmemora el primer Día de los Derechos de las Personas Trans
Es en homenaje a la muerte de Claudia Pia Baudracco, una de las fundadoras de la Asociación de Travestis, Transexuales y Transgéneros de Argentina y luchadora de los derechos de género. La ley fue promovida en la Legislatura porteña.
Se conmemora por primera vez el Día de la Promoción de los Derechos de las Personas Trans