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domingo, março 23, 2014

[South Africa]
"Cisgender and Transgender Women Have A Lot in Common"
HeJin Kim is from Gender DynamiX in Cape Town, South Africa. The organization is the first African-based group solely focusing on the transgender community.

Transgenders Sign Up for Voting in a Big Way
As many as 3,233 people from the transgender community have signed up to exercise their franchise in the Lok Sabha polls in Karnataka. This is an increase of around 10.5 per cent from last year’s number of 2,919.
A community whose votes no politician wants

Boy made transgender, court books 13
Kidnapped as a boy and transformed into a transgender, he was compelled to walk the first steps of adulthood as a prostitute. Brutalised and battered for three years, he sought justice and a city court on Friday framed charges against 13 accused.

'Aum Neko' to be summoned on lèse majesté charge
Aum Neko, a transgender student at Thammasat University who last year stirred a debate about compulsory student uniforms, is to be summoned next week by the police over a lèse majesté charge.

Sandy Rios Wants 'Disordered' Gays And 'Trannies' Banned From The Military
American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios said yesterday that she wants to restore the ban on gays in the military because gay people are “disordered” and won’t be able to “provide strong defense for our nation.”

WATCH: Ark. Trans Woman Fired For Using Women's Restroom
An Arkansas trans woman claims to have been fired from a local McDonald's for using the women's restroom.

Fresno teacher will return to class as a woman
After spring break, 24-year Yosemite High School science and multimedia teacher Gary Sconce will return to teach as her true self, she says: Karen Adell Scot.

Victory for Transgender Workers in California
Last week, in a case of first impression, Sacramento Superior Court Judge David Brown held that California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits employers from requiring transgender workers to use restrooms and locker rooms based on their assigned birth sex.

Transphobic Md. Lawmaker Fears 'Men in Dresses' Will Take Advantage of Nondiscrimination Bill
Despite the overwhelming bipartisan support for a bill that would outlaw discrimination against transgender people in Maryland, some conservative lawmakers are digging in their heels and trotting out tired, transphobic excuses to justify their opposition.

School reverses decision to ban 9-year-old boy from wearing My Little Pony bag
A North Carolina school that ordered a 9-year-old boy to stop wearing a My Little Pony bag because it caused bullying has reversed its decision.

Denial of transgender name change overruled by Oklahoma appeals court
Judge Bill Graves' denial of the individual's request for "fraudulent" reasons is overruled