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quarta-feira, março 26, 2014

Bouncer banned for barring transsexuals
A landmark trial in Spain has seen a Barcelona judge revoke a local doorman's licence for a year after he prevented two transsexuals from entering the discotheque he was working at

Vandalised transgender memorial restored
A vandalised memorial to remember victims of transphobic hate crime has now been restored in Manchester.
The National Transgender Memorial, located in the city’s Sackville Gardens, was unveiled as part of the Sparkle weekend, a national transgender celebration, in August last year.
However, after dedicated volunteers had put hours of work into the garden, it was vandalised by unknown assailants just days after it was unveiled.

Miss Coventry 2014: Transgender contestant Jordan Davis pulls out of contest
A transgender contestant in this year's Miss Coventry beauty contest withdrew from the final at the last minute after she suffered excessive online bullying.
Seventeen-year-old Jordan Davis, who would have been the competition's first transgender contestant, had suffered "horrendous" bullying at the hands of online trolls, organisers said.

"Trans people must be able to benefit from their right to vote"
Counseling Center for Transgender People (T-Der) made a call regarding trans people whose gender identity does not match the color of their ID before the local elections to be held on March 30.

Trans[ition] in Iran
When Shadi Amin was growing up in pre-revolutionary Iran, she began experiencing sexual feelings toward other girls. “I thought there was something wrong with me,” she says. “I thought, maybe I should change something.” By “something,” Amin was referring not to her identity or lifestyle, but to her gender. “If I was that young girl living in Iran today, I would have considered having a sex change operation,” even though she has never identified with being male.

India's hijras remain on the political edge despite electoral reform
For the first time, India's transgender community is to be officially recognised in the country's electoral process.
India's transgender community gets official recognition in country's electoral roll

Warrandwood mum of transgender daughter inspired by experience to support others
LYN McDonald thought her world had come crashing down 17 years ago when her son said he was a woman.
The Warranwood mother of three said she didn’t know where to turn.

Gender identity no longer a mental illness in Victoria
An amendment to Victoria’s Mental Health Bill (2014) to ensure the expression of of any particular gender identity is not defined as a mental illness has been passed in the state’s parliament tonight.

Mom of transgender child wants ID rules changed
The mother of a transgender child wants the Saskatchewan government to remove any record of a person's sex on birth certificates.

Transgender Teacher Returns to School a Woman
A California high school science teacher gave students and colleagues a new lesson in biology Monday, showing up for the first time as a woman a week after her plans to switch genders became suddenly public.

City-Funded Transgender Surgeries A Smashing Success
SF Examiner's Chris Roberts blows a blast of fresh air into an otherwise listless Monday with a great piece regarding sexual reassignment surgery in San Francisco for low income and uninsured patients. See, over the last nine months, fifteen people have reaped the benefits of sexual reassignment paid for by the Department of Public Health, and it's proven to be a great success.