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terça-feira, abril 29, 2014

O que mais me faz impressão é a frieza das pessoas. Não o facto de serem fechadas, mas o facto de serem estanques. Ninguém, chego eu à conclusão, tem uma aprendizagem do que é carinho, do que é partilha, do que é preocupares-te com alguém.

Joint Press Release: European Transgender Community meets for the first time in Eastern-Europe.
European Transgender Community meets for the first time in Eastern-Europe
More than 200 international delegates expected in Budapest for the 5th European Transgender Council

I have only been in jail once in my life and I stayed in one of those wards for three months. Mine was in Metris; Ward T1-D6. In other words: The Transvestite Ward. And I spent exactly 93 days with other transvestites and a few homosexual men. There were eight of us in total.

Two trans women were assaulted in the district of Tarlabasi in Istanbul last night. While 21-year-old Cagla (Joker) lost her life, Nalan who was injured on her shoulder is receiving treatment.
Istanbul LGBTT Association protested the armed assault today. The assault took place on Daracik Street in the gentrification district of Tarlabasi, Istanbul last night.
Transsexual woman murdered in Istanbul in latest homophobic attack

How Phoenix Convicted A Transgender Woman For Walking Down The Street
A transgender woman of color named Monica Jones was convicted last week for walking down the street. The charge? “Manifestation of prostitution.” But Jones isn’t a sex worker. She just happens to live in Phoenix, Arizona, where a new tactic to reduce sex work provides new opportunities for police to profile vulnerable populations.

DCF Commissioner Defends Transfer of Transgender Juvenile to York Prison
The Commissioner of the state Department of Children and Families is defending her agency's rare transfer of a 16-year-old transgender girl to Connecticut’s women’s prison. Joette Katz said the state had run out of options for the troubled youth.

Ill. Trans Woman Alleges Medical Discrimination, Files Lawsuit
A transgender woman alleges that an Illinois doctor wouldn't treat her after learning about her desire to pursue hormone replacement therapy.
Lambda Legal Sues Doctor and Clinic for Denying Medical Care to Transgender Woman

Groups support trans woman in lawsuit
Several groups have asked the U.S. District Court for permission to file a “friend of the court” brief to support Finkle.

Integrante de la comunidad LGBTi asesinado en hotel del centro de Medellín. Fotos
En un hotel del centro de Medellín ubicado en la carrera 49 con calle 55, fue asesinado un joven perteneciente a la comunidad LGBTi. Al parecer un hombre con el que habría entrado al lugar le habría provocado la muerte, con múltiples heridas de arma blanca.