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sexta-feira, junho 20, 2014

European Social Charter Committee prompts member states over sterilisation-requirement
The European Social Charter (ESC) guarantees a number of important social and work-related rights. In its last national reporting cycle the Social Charter Committee asked member states to report on the right to health (Art 11). TGEU, ILGA Europe and local partner organisations to the opportunity to submit shadow reports for 25 countries on the issue of forced sterilisation and trans-related health care.

Bill to enable transgender people to secure legal recognition
Draft legislation allows for lowering of age of recognition to 16 years

Trans-inclusive Anti-Discrimination law
The Belgian Anti-Discrimination law and Gender Law are since April 24 fully inclusive of gender identity and expression.

Trans women arbitrarily arrested in Athens
Policy officers arrested on April 29 seven trans women in Athens. According to the NGO Greek Transgender Support Association the arrest were arbitrarily and motivated by racist profiling. The women had deliberately not been informed about the alleged crimes.

Registration denied to Greek trans woman
A Greek trans woman is denied a registration certificate in Cyprus, as the country lacks gender recognition procedures. The Cypriot Ombudsman accused the Civil Registry and Migration Department of transphobia for an administrative delay of more than three years to issue the certificate.

Killing a Trans is Reason for Reduced Sentences
Soybozkurt, a felon who murdered a trans woman in Avcılar and for whom the prosecutor asked for a sentence of life in prison was given a reduced prison term of fifteen years.

Court tells Psychologist to respect a client's choice of pronoun
The Psychologist questioned Robins wish to be referred to as "hen". Then Robin was denied continued care at the psychiatric clinic because no one felt that they had LGBTQ competence. Gothenburg right center says that psychiatry is obliged to provide care for all and sued Region of Västra Götaland for discrimination against transgender.

Trans man who gave birth wins right to be registered as 'father'
An American trans man, residing in Sweden, who gave birth to a child earlier this year has won the right to be registered as the father of the child. The decision has been appealed by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Georgia’s new trans-inclusive equality-law is toothless
A new anti-discrimination law was adopted, which is inclusive of gender identity and expression but without a robust framework to enforce sanctions.

[China/Hong Kong]
Sex change surgery: an effective solution to an unusual mental condition
Sex reassignment surgery offers transsexuals a way to accept their bodies; it is not undertaken lightly, but is the last step in a long journey

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules in favour of transgender worker booted from London market
A London market’s treatment of a transgender worker and the business that employed her was discrimination, a tribunal has ruled.
Human Rights Tribunal Finds Trails End Discriminated Against Transgender Individual

Transgender woman killed Tuesday in Northeast Baltimore
Baltimore police acknowledged Wednesday afternoon that a homicide victim found early Tuesday in a field in Northeast Baltimore was a transgender woman, but details surrounding the case remained scarce.
Baltimore police investigate transgender woman's slaying