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domingo, junho 15, 2014

UN calls for an end to forced sterilisation of trans and intersex people
The World Health Organisation has urged for an end to the forced sterilisation of transgender and intersex people around the globe.

State accused of transphobia
Ombudsman Eliza Savvidou has accused the Civil Registry and Migration Department of transphobia after a transgender woman reported delays in securing a registration certificate as a European citizen.

The Suffering of Bülent the Hermaphrodite
Bülent Coşkun is a hermaphrodite (dual-sexed), who lives in Cumayeri, Düzce. They cannot go out in public. They are constantly pointed at, made fun of and constantly harassed. As if that is not enough, people want to stone and burn Bülent’s house. Bülent is a victim of hate crimes.

Readers blast Chicago Sun-Times for 'transphobic' editorial on Laverne Cox
The Chicago Sun-Times has syndicated a controversial transphobic opinion piece by Kevin Williamson, a former deputy managing editor of the conservative National Review.

Two men charged with disorderly conduct over assault of trans women
Two men have been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, in connection with the assault of two trans women on a train in Georgia.
Two men charged in attack of trans women in Georgia
Fight suspect: Transgendered women provoked us
Suspect in trans beating claims gay panic defense
MARTA fight suspect claims trans woman provoked him; activists claim police continually harass transgender people
US: Suspect in Atlanta train attack uses ‘trans panic’ defence

Transgender man sues NY City over locker room access
A transgender man has sued the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for discrimination, saying staff at a public pool told him to use the women's locker room.
Transgender man told to use women’s locker room ‘or get out’: suit
Transgender Man to File Suit Against NYC Department of Parks and Recreation After Being Denied Use of Men's Locker Room at Staten Island Public Pool
Transgender man sues city after allegedly being kicked out of men's changing room at Staten Island pool