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terça-feira, junho 03, 2014

Vancouver's transgender school policy that discourages sex-segregated activities causes divisions among parents
Support and concern poured out Thursday over proposed revisions to the Vancouver school district’s sexual orientation policy at a crowded hearing attended by dozens of parents and community members.

Transgender Students Welcomed in Public Schools - How Should Christian Parents Respond?
California this year became the first state with a law spelling out the transgender student rights in public schools, including the ability to use restrooms and to play on sports teams that match their expressed genders.

Trans Punk Singer Takes Issue With Arcade Fire’s New Music Vid
Andrew Garfield, aka Spiderman, dressed in drag for the new music video for the Grammy Award-winning indie band Arcade Fire, but the transgender leader of the punk band Against Me! is taking issue with the clip.
Against Me's Laura Jane Grace slams Arcade Fire for transgender video

Bill to Respect Transgender Identity After Death Moves Forward
In 2012, the passing of 48-year-old Bay Area man Christopher Lee brought to light the issue of recognizing transgender people and their desired gender identities on death certificates.

Radio hosts fired for transphobic segment
Rochester, New York hosts described trans people as 'nut jobs', repeatedly misgendered them, and played Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like A Lady
Rochester, N.Y., Radio Hosts Fired Following Transphobic Rant
Radio Hosts Mimic Fox's Transphobia, Promptly Get Fired
Kimberly and Beck Fired by Entercom
Kimberly and Beck firing draws strong reactions
New York radio station fires hosts over transphobic broadcast

NY man gets 23 years to life in girlfriend's death
A New York City man convicted of killing his girlfriend in a brutal attack with knives, a candlestick and a pillowcase around her neck has been sentenced to 23 years to life in prison.

Derecho de piso - Extorsión en el trabajo sexual trans
El bando de Policía y Buen Gobierno del municipio de Chihuahua indica que para ejercer el trabajo sexual en las zonas de tolerancia de la ciudad se requiere de la renovación semanal de un permiso que otorga la oficina de Regulación Sanitaria, sin embargo, el no portarlo acarrea como sanción detenciones de hasta 36 horas. El problema se agrava porque la falta de este permiso detona actitudes de abuso de poder y discriminación hacia las mujeres transgénero que acuden a estas áreas para allegarse algún recurso económico con la venta de sexo.

Jamaica’s underground gays caught on film
UK’s Channel 4 spent 12 days in Jamaica filming how gay and trans youngsters are forced to live in sewers, and endure homophobic abuse from police and locals