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quarta-feira, maio 28, 2014

As duas vidas de uma trans
Há muito tempo que penso no assunto, e acontecimentos recentes fizeram-me revoltar ainda mais contra a transfobia e transmisoginia de que sou vítima, bem como muitas outras mulheres trans que conheço (e não só). Como não posso falar por ninguém a não ser eu própria, vou reflectir um pouco sobre o facto de, após a minha transição, uma esmagadora maioria de pessoas não só me continuarem a tratar no masculino (algo que nunca fui) e, tão ou mais grave, me chamarem pelo nome de baptismo.

Travesti é degolado no Alvinópolis
O travesti Emerson Góes, a Bruna, de 38 anos,foi encontrado morto degolado na manhã de domingo em Atibaia. O corpo foi encontrado atrás do Cemitério do Alvinópolis por volta das 8h. Segundo a Polícia Civil, ele tinha cortes profundos no pescoço e nos pulsos.

Austrian schools can issue new transcripts to transgender persons reflecting sex preference
Austria's education minister has instructed schools to re-issue grade transcripts to transgender persons who have requested that they be identified by another sex.

‘We oppose bearded men in dresses,’ say bearded men in dresses
Russian Orthodox Church is being ridiculed by social media users for opposing Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst

In Conversation With A Transgender Activist And World's First Transsexual Film Star
Kalki Subramaniam is an actress and makes short documentary films.She is also the editor of the Tamil magazine for transgender women called 'Thirunangai'. Kalki is the Founder of ‘Sahodari Foundation’ an organization working for the social, economic and political empowerment of transgender persons in India. Here the superwoman pours her heart out on the recent SC judgement empowering transgenders and many important issues...

My Experience Working With Jakarta’s Transgender Community
Transgendered people have a long climb ahead toward acceptance in Indonesian society.
Transgender, unrelated to sexual orientation, is a gender identity expressed by individuals who do not identify themselves as members of their biological sex.

Six-year-old takes control of her identity
Recently, great strides have been made for transgender people and the LGBTQ community at large... but the person behind the progress may be younger than you'd think. Proud wife, mother and blogger Debi Jackson wrote on earlier today about her daughter A.J. who, at only six-years-old, officially decided to complete her transition that began when she was three. While others identified her as a male until she was about four, A.J. did not hesitate to tell her mom that she knew she was a girl at a young age.

Chelsea Manning could finally be allowed to transition
Jailed US WikiLeaks mole could be allowed to transfer to a civilian prison in order to receive gender treatment
Pentagon weighs Manning’s request for transfer, gender treatment
Chelsea Manning's Attorney Accuses Pentagon of 'Strategic Leak'

Fox News Attacks "Special Treatment" For Transgender Prisoners
Fox News continued its transphobic attacks on Private Chelsea Manning, deriding her fight for hormone therapy as a bid for "special treatment" and suggesting that "he" had "already cost us enough" while ignoring expert opinion that hormone therapy is essential for transgender people.

Historians seek LGBT POC, bi, and trans persons
Researchers mapping San Francisco's LGBT past are seeking help from people of color, bisexuals, and transgender members of the community so that their histories are recorded.

CeCe McDonald Shuts Down 7 Lies We Tell About Trans Women
On a recent spring evening in New York, people gathered at an underground venue in SoHo to hear Laverne Cox (of Orange is the New Black fame) and transgender activist CeCe McDonald discuss art as a vehicle to transform culture, especially in relation to the criminal justice system and transphobia.

Protesters Take Stage at Health Conference Because NY’s Trans Healthcare Failure is Inexcusable
This morning, members of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, including SRLP membership director Reina Gossett, took over the stage at the HxRefractored Conference in New York City to demand that the New York State Department of Health repeal the 1998 regulation barring transgender people from accessing healthcare through state Medicaid coverage.

Equal Rights Ordinance Changes Section Regarding Gender ID and Bathroom Access (UPDATED)
After some weeks following her announcement of a proposed city ordinance to combat discrimination, Mayor Annise Parker is expected to give a major announcement today regarding the aptly titled HERO proposal.