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sábado, maio 24, 2014

Sábado dia 24 de Maio pelas 18h na Pensão Amor, Rua do Alecrim 19 (ao Cais do Sodré), Lisboa.

Gender Recognition Scheme to be Discussed in the Dail
Tomorrow, 9th May at 12pm, the report on the Gender Recognition Scheme that was published by the Committee on Education and Social Protection in January will be debated in the Dail.
Dáil to debate gender recognition law for first time in history

Officer fights dismissal for dressing as a woman
A police officer from Venice who was fired in 2006 for dressing as a woman may soon be able to return to the force, as well as claim damages, after a court ruled he was suffering from a “disease”.

Penang rep forced to withdraw transgender rights committee motion
Tanjung Bungah state assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu has been forced to withdraw his motion for a transgender rights committee because of a lack of support.
Teh still plans on bringing up transgender rights in near future

BREAKING: Orange Is the New Black's Lea DeLaria Withdraws From MichFest
Responding to Twitter questions about her decision to perform at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, which does not admit transgender women, out actor Lea DeLaria announced that she will not participate.

New Study Finds Increase in Number of Top Companies and Federal Contractors with Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Policies since 2010
Ninety-eight percent of the country’s largest companies now prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and nearly 85 percent prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, according to a new study from UCLA’s Williams Institute. The study also finds that 86 percent of the top 50 federal contractors prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and over 60 percent prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. Combined, these contractors represent 48 percent of all contracting dollars awarded by the federal government—over $218 billion in spending.

Manning Prepares Suit for Hormone Therapy
Awaiting word on her request for hormone therapy, Chelsea Manning may have to sue, but the law is on her side, the transgender WikiLeaks source said in an interview through her liaison.

Battery Charges Dropped Against Calif. Trans Student
A victim of chronic bullying, Jewlyes Gutierrez was charged with battery following a physical altercation with her tormentors. After being placed in a restorative justice program, charges were dropped.

At Osceola High, a transgender student makes a run for prom king
Concrete, coveted Osceola High, with its demerit system and monthly parent meetings and ban on flip-flops, is the only fundamental high school in the state of Florida. Fundamental schools, to borrow a phrase from Pinellas literature, are "like schools used to be." Cut off from Lake Seminole by a forest of pines, Osceola promises a top-tier public education with no disruptions getting in the way, no distractions tolerated.

EXCLUSIVE: Victim’s Family Reacts To Silicone Arrest Warrant
Police say her son’s death was caused by complications from illegal silicone injections. Now that mom is talking about the arrest warrant issued for the accused killer.

Hospital Las Higueras de Talcahuano es el único en el país con protocolo para atender transgéneros
La Organización de Transexuales solicitó que más hospitales de Chile cuenten con un protocolo para atender a los pacientes trans, pues hasta ahora sólo un recinto ha adoptado la medida.