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quinta-feira, maio 22, 2014

Gay man and trans woman go on trial in Uganda, face life in jail
Two Ugandans have been held in prison since January charged with the crime of being a gay couple 'posing' as a husband and wife
Potential life sentence for LGBT couple in Uganda
First LGBT Ugandans to Face Trial for 'Sex Against the Order of Nature'

Taking the SC Judgment on Transgenders Forward
Leaders from the transgender community, activists and government representatives from various parts of the State came together in Chennai on Tuesday to take forward the Supreme Court judgment passed on April 15 this year, on recognising transgenders as a third gender.

Vietnamese transgenders seek back-alley silicon shots
A man lies flat on the floor of a small room littered with bottles, bandages and syringes.
Whimpers come softly from his pale face which pours so much sweat that his hair sticks to his head.

Vancouver Parks adopt sweeping changes aimed at accommodating transgender people
At its meeting last week the Vancouver Park Board unanimously approved a sweeping list of recommendations aimed at using taxpayers' money to make "trans and gender-variant" people feel "more comfortable" in the city’s parks and recreation facilities.

Transgender community disappointed with changes to birth certificates law
The province is moving ahead with proposed amendments it says will make it easier for people to change the sex on their birth certificates, but a local transgender advocacy organization says the changes don’t go far enough.

Local organizations promote understanding of transgender residents with billboard
In an effort to help raise awareness and visibility of the transgender community, a billboarding featuring Adam O’Brien, senior in fine arts, was constructed alongside K-177 by Sunflower Pets.

Appeals court to hear appeal against gender reassignment for trans inmate
A federal appeals court is set on Thursday to hear arguments from prison officials in an appeal against a ruling that an inmate must be given gender reassignment surgery.

Raytown school notifies parents about student's gender change
Counselor says students who deal with issue at early age often adjust better

Transgender child returns to elementary school as a girl
Parents of students at an elementary school in Missouri got a letter informing them a student previously known as a boy will now be recognized as a girl.

US man guilty of shooting trans woman he met on Craigslist
After leaving his wife, Jason Roy Borkowski went on Craigslist and met a trans woman who he shot after sexual activity

Transgender Falls resident wins court fight over free name change
A Niagara Falls resident with disabling health problems who is hoping for a sex change operation was able to win a name change last month without having to pay a court filing fee.
Niagara County Transgender Woman Secures Name Change After Judge Initially Denies Request to Waive Court Filing Fee

Judge Orders State to Resume Hormone Therapy for Trans Prisoner
A transgender woman receives a favorable ruling in her Eighth Amendment lawsuit.

Salvation Army Refuses Housing Shelter To Transgender Woman
Back in March, Jodielynn Wiley fled her life in Paris, Texas. Because she is transgender, she had received death threats and had found dead animals left on her front porch. When she asked the police for help, they told her, “Being the way you are, you should expect that.” Wiley landed in Dallas, where she found emergency shelter at the Carr P. Collins Social Service Center, run by the Salvation Army.
Trans Woman Claims Housing Discrimination by Salvation Army

Peru rejects change of gender for transgender individuals on national identity document
The Peruvian constitutional court (referred to in Spanish as the “Tribunal Constitucional,” or TC), has struck down a transgender woman’s request that she be allowed to change her gender from male to female on her national identity document (DNI).