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sexta-feira, maio 09, 2014

Why the Trans* Movement in Croatia is Celebrating
Four years ago, a 14-year-old boy and his mother began fighting for his right to live like any other teenager. He was as his peers in many ways, except that his important papers, such as his birth certificate, marked him as female. Thanks in part to hormone therapy, friends and strangers alike knew him as the boy he really was. But to the government, his school, and the medical system he was marked as a girl. Fortunately, he was luckier than most trans* youth in Croatia as his mother supported him and dedicated her life to fighting for her son’s right to live in accordance with his gender identity.
A Banner Week for Trans Rights

Islamic school for transgender students in Indonesia reopens
The school – believed to be the first of its kind in the world – had to close and move when its founder died last month

Assigner un sexe à la naissance est-il discriminatoire?
Le Centre de lutte contre l'oppression des genres, organisme indépendant affilié à l'Université Concordia, vient de déposer un avis de poursuite contre le gouvernement du Québec afin d'invalider cinq articles du Code civil qu'il juge discriminatoire, dont ceux portant sur le constat et la déclaration de naissance.

Vancouver transgender inclusion report excludes transsexuals, activists say
Trans and gender-variant inclusion working group criticized for recommendations

Quebec quits publishing addresses of transgender people seeking name changes
Quebec has joined Ontario as the second province in Canada to recognize being transgender as a reason to keep personal details of those seeking a legal name change from being publicly published.

Fox News Calls Chelsea Manning a 'Gender-Bender'
Fox News uses the GLAAD-defined defamatory slur 'gender-bender' to refer to Chelsea Manning, adding to the network's long track record of deprecating trans individuals.

Mid-cities travel agency puts together trans cruise
GEAR says this is the first time something like this is being offered to the trans community and calls organizer an innovator

Louisiana University Asks Students to Vote on Transphobic Referendum
Xavier University of Louisiana—a historically Black, Catholic university in News Orleans—is allowing students to vote on an institutional constitutional amendment which would decide whether “candidates for Miss Xavier/Class Miss must be a) female b) born female."

Pennsylvania Lawmaker To Introduce Package Of Sweeping Transgender Rights Bills
As LGBT advocates and other proponents push for a basic nondiscrimination law, one Democratic lawmaker plans to introduce four bills aiming to end “institutional discrimination” against the state’s transgender community.
Rep. to introduce first-ever trans bill

Appellate brief filed in Morris case
An appellate brief was filed this month in support of PGN’s request for an unredacted dispatch record relating to the Nizah Morris case.

Board approves sexual orientation, gender identity protections
Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination protection won Milwaukee County Board approval Thursday, following a flare-up over whether such protection could be misused by sex offenders.

Presentarán un proyecto de ley para crear la "asignación para la ciudadanía trans"
A dos años de sancionada la ley de identidad de género 6000 personas se cambiaron el nombre; este beneficio económico apuntará a una mejor integración de estas personas