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quarta-feira, abril 30, 2014

BDP MP Queries Minister About Trans Prisoner’s Condition
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP from Ağrı District has made an inquiry on Avşa’s, a trans prisoner on hunger strike, condition to the Minister of Justice.

Woman Transgender gets Cop Job After 1-year Fight
Nangai, (24), was selected for appointment as a constable. However, she was found to be a transgender in the medical examination during training and was terminated from service on the ground that she had failed to disclose the same and appeared under the women quota.
Cops find cop a transgender, court asks reinstatement as woman

Trans woman fights Passport Canada over gender change refusal
Shadmith Lynda Manzo says she was asked for proof of sex reassignment surgery

Transgender prisoners' unique issues and how America's prisons deal with them: a roundup
How prison systems should treat transgender inmates is a subject gaining traction in American news media, with an intriguing long-form read in Wednesday's Willamette Week.

Justice's 'Peacemaker' Unit Focuses On Transgender Rights
A groundbreaking survey reports that nearly 2 out of 3 transgender people say they've been victims of physical assault. Most of those crimes are never reported to police. This year, the Justice Department wants to change that by training law enforcement to be more sensitive to the needs of trans people in their communities.

'Casa Susanna' Documents Secret 1950's Cross-Dressing Community
Casa Susana is a compelling book that documents the weekend gathering place of a group of cross-dressers sometime between the mid-1950s and mid-1960s.

Milk club early endorses transgender SF school board candidate
A transgender school board candidate picked up early backing this week from San Francisco’s progressive LGBT political club.

Detained Trans Girl Speaks Out, Details Abusive Past
After being accused of assaulting a facility staff member, a 16-year-old trans girl was sent to an adult jail, though no charges have been filed.
Transgender Youth Confined In Adult Prison Writes Of Experiencing Extensive Past Sexual Abuse

Looking Out: Coalition launches campaign to promote Maryland's new transgender protections
Advocates in Maryland who backed the successful passage of the first statewide legal protections for transgender citizens in housing, employment and public accommodations this legislative session don't consider their work complete.

Kristina Olvera Says She is a Woman. The Prison System Says He is a Man
The fight for justice for Oregon’s transgender inmates.
Kristina Olvera wants to enjoy the simple pleasures of crossing her legs when she sits, applying eyeliner and pouting her lips.
Her landlord disapproves when she plays with her hair, grows out her nails or wears tight jeans.

Top national honor for Nizah Morris coverage
It was announced this week that Philadelphia Gay News writer-at-large Timothy Cwiek is the recipient of a national investigative journalism award for his reporting on the homicide of a local transgender woman.

LISD Superintendent yet to decide on fate of transgender substitute teacher
Lumberton Independent School District Superintendent John Valastro said he has not made a decision on whether to allow a transgender substitute teacher back into the classroom.
Transgender sub says she isn't getting calls to teach

Senate passes Josephine Tittsworth Act
While students go through a typical first day of the semester, a professor goes down a roster to mark off students in attendance. A student in the back shifts in his seat anxiously awaiting his name, waiting to be called upon, unsure of whether to respond because he wasn’t born a male. He was born a female, and raising his hand would out him as a transgender man.