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sexta-feira, maio 23, 2014

Activists ‘gobsmacked’ after Camden Council lists ‘transsexualism’ as a ‘mental illness’
Campaigners in Camden’s LGBT community were outraged after it was revealed that “transsexualism” had been listed alongside mental illness on Camden Council housing forms.
LGBT campaigners ‘gobsmacked’ as Camden Council lists ‘transsexualism’ as mental illness

Depathologising gender variance in ICD-11
The new 11th release of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is coming soon. Diagnoses related to gender variance are those that are likely to be altered in this version. Despite wide acceptance among trans* community that these diagnoses must be changed, there's a big diversity in opinions on how exactly this should be done.

Transgender crew talk about belting up
Transgender crew tell motorists to strap on their seat belts — and the message hits home

Penang govt keeps transgender issue at arm’s length
A motion to build a transgender institute will be tabled in the next sitting of the Penang state legislative assembly

Provocative’ transgender awareness campaign launched by PFLAG Canada
'The Me Inside' targets often misunderstood aspect of transgender identity

Controversy Over Title IX Protecting Transgender Students
The Department of Education declared that transgender students are protected under Title IX. But there are questions about how that will work on campuses, and what the legal complications might be.

Hercules: Charges dropped against transgender teen caught battling bully on video
A transgender student will no longer face a battery charge for a fight caught on video at Hercules High School last year, officials decided last week.
Charge Dropped Against Transgender Student, Restorative Justice at Work
Prosecutors drop battery charges against bullied trans teen in California
Charge dropped against Hercules teen

Leaked documents shed new light on Kayla Moore’s in-custody death
Police Review Commission unanimously finds that one officer did not continually monitor Moore's vital signs

UPDATE: Arrest Warrant Issued for Suspect in Transgender Woman’s Death
An arrest warrant has been issued for a transsexual pageant queen accused of illegally injecting silicone into a transgender woman who later died.
Arrest warrant issued for transgender performer accused of negligent homicide in silicone injection death

Parents stress tolerance after child's gender identity change
A child previously known as a boy should now be known as girl, according to a letter sent home to some Raytown School District parents.
Mo. School District Outs Trans Student to Classmates' Parents
Elementary student’s gender identity transition resonates with KC couple

Charlie Marion Kerr scores legal victory in name change battle
A 22-year-old Bed-Stuy student who had language inserted into a name change indicating that the court order "does not constitute proof of change in gender," has won the right to have the language deleted and not to be singled out as a transgender person.
NYC trans woman wins name-change legal battle
Name Change Victory for Transgender Woman in New York City

University Council revises non-discrimination policy to include gender identity and expression
Virginia Tech’s University Council passed a revision on Monday to update the college’s Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy to include both gender identity and gender expression in its list of protected orientations.

Reina LGBTI cumple charlas preventivas
Una campaña de información para prevenir las infecciones de transmisión sexual es la primera labor que lleva a cabo Verioska Betancourt, quien fue elegida reina de Cuenca LGBTI, que representa a la comunidad de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, trans e intersex.

¿Se asocia el suicidio a la cirugía de reasignación de sexo en personas transexuales?
La cirugía de reasignación sexual, no basta con ser transferida desde FONASA a un Hospital. Estos centros deben contar con un equipo multidisciplinario que no se enfoque en la cirugía, sino en la persona.