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terça-feira, maio 27, 2014

Report: More Than 100 Instances of Antitrans Violence This Year
A report of the year's first four months serves as a reminder of the alarming rate at which trans individuals — particularly transgender women of color — are murdered worldwide.

Report: Anti-LGBT violence, discrimination pervasive in Asia
An International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission report released on Tuesday indicates discrimination and violence against lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people remains pervasive throughout Asia.

Falece Maria Du Bairro, Artista Caricata na noite LGBT de São Paulo
A noite de São Paulo está mais triste e carente, perdemos Maria Du Bairro, artista caricata que arrancou muitos aplausos e alegria pelo palco paulistano.

Transvestite knifed while Soliciting Sex
A transvestite nicknamed “Serap” (real name initials KY), who engaged in sex acts for money, was wounded in her right leg by an unidentified person in Antalya yesterday. KY, who was stabbed twice in her right leg, screamed “don’t shoot this; you unbalanced lot” at the journalists trying to photograph her.

Israel to allow sex-change surgery from age 18
Policy shakeup follows years of complaints about humiliations in the run-up to approval for sex-change operations.

Kuwait's vice squad raids 'gay' party
Special Kuwaiti police have arrested 32 people after they raided a livestock farm to bust an alleged “gay” party.

WATCH: Malaysia's Battle for Transgender Rights
Often deprived of health care and legal recognition, Malaysia's transgender population is mounting a legal challenge against laws that prohibit their self-expression.

Transgender Teen at York Moved to Different Part of Prison
A 16-year-old transgender girl who has been detained at the state women's prison for more than a month has been moved to another location at the prison.

SPLC threatens to sue state of Georgia on behalf of transgender inmate
The Southern Poverty Law Center is threatening to sue in federal court if Georgia prison officials don’t provide hormone treatment for a transgender inmate.

Attorney: Civil rights complaint against CPCC filed with U.S. Education Department
Civil rights complaint stems from alleged treatment of transgender student