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domingo, junho 01, 2014

BichasCobardes EP11 | Activismo Trans* e linguagem inclusiva, conversa com Júlia Pereira
No décimo primeiro episódio da rádio Bichas Cobardes e A propósito do debate corrente sobre linguagem inclusiva na comunidade trans* e da capa da TIME focada no avanço deste movimento, convidámos a Júlia Pereira (activista LGBT) para falar connosco sobre activismo trans* em Portugal e na Europa e alguns dos seus principais avanços e reivindicações.

Transgender woman in landmark legal battle to force government to 'forget' her identity as a man before sex change
The 44-year-old Londoner says previous gender should be wiped records
Claims she had 'intrusive and humiliating interactions' with Jobcentre staff
The case could have huge implications for the rights of transgender persons

Transgender community needs support
A new support group for Jersey's transgender community say it is vital both health professionals and the government better understand their needs.
Trans* Jersey say the whole medical process should be less complex, and that forthcoming sex discrimination legislation must consider their interests.

Third gender awaits admission in universities, colleges
Even after the Supreme Court on April 15 recognised transgender people as the third gender, they are yet to avail opportunities in education. Despite the formal recognition, neither Lucknow University nor the two prominent colleges - National PG and Isabella Thoburn (IT) are liberal to the third gender when it comes to pursuing higher education.

When it comes to gender identity disorder, life insurance companies see a bad bet
When “Hiroki,” the parent of a 2-year-old, tried to sign up for a life insurance policy, his application was rejected on grounds he was undergoing medical treatment--in his case for gender identity disorder (GID).

Canadian Blood Donor Turned Away Due to Trans Identity
While trans people in the U.S. are routinely rejected as blood donors, one Canadian trans woman has found herself on the receiving end of the same discriminatory treatment north of the border.

Judge: DCF Provided ‘Ample Evidence’ of Violence By ‘Jane Doe’
A memorandum from Superior Court Judge Burton Kaplan details “ample evidence” of violence to support the transfer of the transgender youth known as “Jane Doe” into the custody of the Correction Department.

Trans women brutally attacked on Atlanta’s MARTA
MARTA police say they are investigating the attack of two transgender women by several men who were harassing them because of their gender identity.

Transgender Students Now Allowed to Access Opposite Sex Restrooms in Kentucky School
A Kentucky high school has approved a new non-discrimination policy which will give male students access to girls' restrooms, and vice versa, as long as students identify themselves as "transgender."

Hundreds gather against bathroom clause in HERO proposal
With applause and a standing ovation hundreds of pastors from all across Houston made their appearance on Sunday at Grace Community Church.

Rainbow flag flies over the capital as thousands march for equality
On International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, minority groups united to celebrate diversity — and call on government to protect sexual freedom.