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sexta-feira, agosto 22, 2014

MP denuncia caso de travesti morto a pedrada no Piauí como homofóbico
Para promotor, suspeito confessou crime e deverá ir a júri popular.
Ubiraci Rocha denunciou o caso como homicídio triplamente qualificado.

Parents beat 8-year-old to death because he played with dolls
The parents of an eight-year-old beat “every inch” of him, until he was dead, because he played with dolls, a court heard.
Boy's alleged abuse described in graphic grand jury testimony

Detroit police investigating whether 3 shootings of gay, transgendered men are related
Police are looking into the possibility that the recent shootings of three men — one fatal — in the Palmer Park area may be related to their sexual orientations.
Detroit Police investigating three hate crimes

Apparent Bucks suicide points up transgender stresses
Jessica Moscatel came out as transgender in 11th-grade English class this spring. The teen asked classmates and teachers to call him Riley Matthew Moscatel from then on.

Trans rights behind bars
The Hearts on a Wire Collective, active in Philadelphia, advocates for transgender inmates and provides perhaps the only community they have.