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quarta-feira, agosto 13, 2014

Woman ‘was possessed’ when she killed friend
A transgender woman who has admitted killing a neighbour on Christmas Day claimed she was “possessed”, a jury has been told.
Melissa Young, 37, described seeing a very bright light and voices in her head when she “flipped” and stabbed her friend Alan Williamson.

Trans memorial in Barbara Hall Park washed away and resurrected
The trans community at Church and Wellesley put up a makeshift chalk memorial in Barbara Hall Park, but the city promptly removed it as “graffiti.” Now they’ve converged to put it back up.
Toronto to get permanent trans memorial after city removes makeshift one

LGBT Cruise Sets Sail With Trans Travelers Taking Center Stage
In what is being billed as the world's first transgender cruise prepares to set sail, trans people and their allies (queer or straight) hope to find community on the high seas.

Report: Transgender Detainee Was Put in Solitary After Assault
The trans immigration detainee reported being sexually assaulted by her roommate, and now activist groups say her move to solitary confinement is a form of punishment for speaking out.

Man faces charges in Fontana transgender actress’ 2013 slaying
A 19-year-old San Bernardino man accused of the 2013 slaying of a Fontana transgender woman has been scheduled for arraignment Aug. 18 on a charge of murder.

Orlando bans discrimination against transgenders
In Orlando, it's now against the law to discriminate against transgender people because they identify as members of the opposite sex.

ACLU wants Army to help 2 transgender veterans
New Jersey's American Civil Liberties Union wants the Army to "fully recognize" the new legal names of two New Jersey-based transgender military veterans.

AVP learns of an attack on a transgender woman in a Subway Station in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; calls for increased awareness of violence faced by transgender women in New York City
The New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) has learned of an attack on a transgender woman in the Franklin Avenue 4/5 subway station in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Monica Roberts of TransGriot posted about the incident on her blog this weekend, discussing a disturbing videos posted to Facebook showing a man assaulting an unidentified transgender woman while onlookers look on and shout and laugh in the background. In one of the videos the offender can be heard making transphobic remarks. The link to the Facebook video are here and here, and we link to them with the warning that they could be triggering and are graphically violent (you also need to be logged into Facebook to view it).

Local Trans Man’s Identity Stolen In Prosthetic Penis Scam
When Philadelphia artist Jaden Remy joined the private Facebook group “All Transmen Know Each Other,” he expected to find support and allies in the 1,000-plus members. He never expected that his identity and pictures would be stolen in an elaborate scam to sell prosthetic penises to other transgender men in the online group.