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quinta-feira, setembro 04, 2014

U.S. Embassy in Budapest Supports 5th European Transgender Council Meeting
As part of the Department’s overall strategy to support the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons, Charge d'Affaires a.i. of the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, M. Andre Goodfriend, delivered opening remarks at the 5th European Transgender Council Meeting, a gathering of 200 transgender activists, allies, researchers, and funders, in Budapest, Hungary – the first such conference to take place in Central and Eastern Europe. Goodfriend was joined by Deputy Chief of Mission of the Budapest Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Bert van der Lingen.
Summary 5th European Transgender Council “Trans*: Safe & Equal!” (May 01 - 04 2014, Budapest)

Should Denmark’s Trans Law Be a Model for the Rest of the World?
ven in countries that are nominally supportive of transgender people, sterilization—whether by surgery or hormones—is often the price a trans individual must pay in order to receive legal recognition of his or her transition. It’s a paradigm that the World Health Organization has called "counter to respect for bodily integrity, self-determination and human dignity," and it’s one that doesn’t acknowledge the fact that for many trans people, transition is not necessarily tied to invasive physical changes.

"I didn't choose to be transgender any more than I choose to be right handed"
18-year-old Marlee’s family went to court to ensure their son got the testosterone treatments he needed to go through “the right puberty.”

Trans woman, others allege bias at Lakeview diner
A transgender woman posted a video to Facebook over Labor Day weekend, saying that she and her friends were unfairly denied entrance to Clarke's Diner, 930 W. Belmont Ave., because they were trans and gay. Other individuals responded to the posting, saying that they too had not been let in to the late-night diner for any legitimate reason.

Un intersexual y un transmasculino piden cambio de nombre en su cédula
Adrián lleva casi ocho meses de lucha. Ha visitado las oficinas del Registro Civil de Guayaquil, despachos de abogados, salas de audiencias en juzgados… Todo en medio de un cambio de vida que no ha resultado fácil.

Lanús: programa de protección social para la población Trans
El intendente Darío Díaz Pérez realizó el anuncio del mismo consistente en la asignación de 700 pesos mensuales y la inclusión de mejoras en los accesos a la salud, la educación, la inserción laboral y la vivienda.