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segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2014

Trans activist ended her life in Turkey
A trans activist who experienced police violence ended her life in the southern city of Mersin.
A member or Mersin 7 Colors LGBT Association, trans activist Figen, committed suicide by jumping into the sea last night.
Executive board member of Pink Life Association for a period of time, Figen lost her life in the evening today (August 24).
Figen was one of the trans women who experienced the police torture on July 21. Three activists from Kaos GL and Pink Life associations set off to Mersin in order to claim the funeral.

Transvestites, cross-dressers held at Doha chalet wild party
Securitymen raided a chalet in Doha area where they apprehended nine transvestites and cross-dressers who were dancing and serving alcohol. According to security sources, when the Director of General Department for Criminal Evidences Major General Mahmoud Al-Tabakh received information about a group of transvestites and cross dressers holding an illegal party in a chalet, he immediately dispatched securitymen to the location for investigations.

Transgender woman seeks legal recognition
Mamun Molla alias Tanisha Yasmin Chaity has been seeking legal recognition as a hijra for nearly a decade. Although born male, she does not identify herself as a male.

Remembering Islan Nettles
Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic passing of Islan Nettles. The 21-year old was walking in her own neighborhood in New York City when she was beaten to death by a man for no reason other than because she was transgender. That man, fueled by ignorance and transphobia, walks free today. He has not been charged. Local and state law enforcement has not prioritized this case. Justice has not prevailed.
A Year Later, Still No Justice for Islan Nettles

Transgender Candidate Could Mean Historic Oklahoma House Race
The weekend campaign push is on before Tuesday's runoff election and there are several key races across the state, including one that could prove historic with a transgender candidate.

[Republica Dominicana]
TRANSSA denuncia agresión a activista trans LGTB por parte de agentes de la PN
El director de la entidad manifestó que la joven fue lanzada al suelo, torturada y agredida verbalmente por un oficial apellido Morillo.

Conductor ebrio daña columna de la Catedral Metropolitana
En horas de la madrugada de ayer, Denis Armando Ramírez, de 33 años, conocido como Johana Ramírez, y dirigente de la organización Otrans Reinas de la Noche, chocó el vehículo que conducía contra las columnas del atrio de la Catedral Metropolitana y destruyó una.