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sábado, setembro 06, 2014

Transgenders not recognized without full sex-change op
In order to be recognized as a woman by the government, a transsexual man must undergo a full sex-change operation, and not just be ''psychologically certain he belongs to the female sex'', a Turin court said Wednesday (17 June).

Kyrgyzstan human rights group passes ‘gay propaganda’ bill
Similar to Russia's own anti-gay laws, the European Union has described it as one of the most sweeping homophobic draft laws in the world

Catholic bishops criticise "gender ideology" and Lajčák’s rights strategy
The Slovak Bishops Conference (KBS) at its session in the mountain resort of Donovaly on June 18 criticised the spreading of gender ideology, and the Nationwide Human Rights Strategy sponsored by Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák in particular.

St Petersburg repeals ‘gay propaganda’ law
Gay rights activists suspect ban was repealed is because lawmakers do not want to be 'humiliated' by the European Court of Human Rights

Trans Woman Convicted of Murder For Silicone Injections
Tracey Lynn Garner was sentenced to life in prison after fatally injecting illicit silicone into another woman, illuminating a troubling trend.

Transwoman sues in federal court
Kate Lynn Blatt, a transwoman who alleges pervasive anti-LGBT bias at her former worksite, is suing in federal court.
Transgender woman files discrimination suit against Cabela's

Two years out, no arrest in Cordova case
Kyra Cordova was murdered on Labor Day 2012. Two more of the holidays have passed, and Cordova’s murder remains unsolved.

Two Spirits in the Venezuelan Jungle
A chance encounter with an anthropologist in Caracas led Álvaro Laiz to Venezuela’s remote eastern edge, where an indigenous people known as the Warao have lived for millenniums.