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domingo, setembro 27, 2015

Boy Meets Girl: a transgender comedy full of sitcom warmth
BBC2’s new sitcom starring Rebecca Root and Harry Hepple doesn’t shy away from issue-based jokes, but it also charms with old-fashioned sentimentality
Rebecca Root: "I'd love to be the first transgender Doctor Who"

Meet The Woman Using Nail Art To Tackle Transphobia
The Debrief: Charlie Craggs hopes her project will teach the world that trans people can be successful and happy too...

Woman’s fiancée accuses Specsavers staff of transphobia: ‘That’s a man’
A woman has accused staff at Specsavers of laughing at her fiancée, and saying “that’s a man” when they thought she was alone.
‘That’s a man’: Woman ‘suffers transphobic abuse’ during Specsavers eye test appointment

Meet the woman competing to be the first Miss Transgender UK: 'This is about celebrating our community'
The competition isn’t about looks, but role models. "We need to see an end to living a life crushed by stealth". "I hate the thought of future generations going through those feelings that I’ve had to endure"

Lydia Foy: ‘My country has finally recognised me for who I really am’
Dr Lydia Foy was presented with the European Citizens’ Prize at a ceremony in Dublin today.
‘My country finally recognised me for who I really am’

VIDEO: Stonewall world premiere sparks angry protest at TIFF
‘I never quite understood this whole word of ‘whitewashing,’’ says film director

Transgender Activist Jen Richards On Her TSA Nightmare: 'It's Mortifying'
The "I Am Cait" cast member says every trans person she knows has been through a similar ordeal.

Comic Sandra Bernhard disses the transition of Caitlyn Jenner
'You have to earn your right to be a woman'

Bethel drafts rule to protect city employees from sexual orientation, gender identity discrimination
Bethel city employees could soon be protected from sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Court grants Jenner's request to change name, gender
A judge has approved Caitlyn Jenner’s request to make her name and gender change official.

Complaint filed against nursing school for transgender discrimination
A complaint of discrimination has been filed against a local nursing school after their alleged treatment of a transgender student.

Judge questions sexual harassment claim in Planet Fitness transgender policy case
It's still unknown whether a Midland County judge will dismiss a lawsuit brought against Planet Fitness that focuses on the fitness chain's transgender locker room policy.

ACLU asks for transgender decision to be reversed
The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada will be investigating and potentially pressing charges against the Elko County School District regarding the board of trustees’ decision to deny a transgender student the ability to use the bathroom and locker room of choice.

Former Astros star Lance Berkman attacks Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in new ad
Lance Berkman uses the fear of rapists wandering into women's locker rooms as a tool to drive votes against Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, which protects gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.