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sexta-feira, setembro 18, 2015

UK justice minister Michael Gove accused of trying to sabotage trans inquiry
After just one week of evidence at parliamentary inquiry, Ministry of Justice sent letter refusing to change the law

Women's Institute reveals it now accepts transgender female members in progressive move
Celebrating their 100th birthday the WI said anyone who has made the decision to live as a woman "is more than welcome" to be a member

Transgender case headed to public hearing
A discrimination complaint from nine-year-old Bella Burgos against the River East Transcona School Division appears headed to a potentially landmark transgender identity public hearing before the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

Education Minister 'disappointed' with behaviour at ECSB meeting over transgender policy
A day after an emotional hours-long meeting at Edmonton Catholic Schools over transgender policy ended with the board putting off making a decision, the Education Minister weighed in, and said there would be ‘consequences’ if 'they don't get their act together'.
Alberta Education Minister “disturbed” by Catholic School Board meeting
Education minister tells Catholic board to pass transgender policy

Transgender students: the struggle to fit in at school
Erik Ly spent a lot of time in high school trying not to look down.

Transgender electrician may sue employer over her firing
Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright has ruled that Patricia Dawson, a transgender woman, may pursue her lawsuit that she was wrongfully fired by her employer, H & H Electric, because of her sex.
Arkansas Transgender Woman Can Sue Former Employer After Termination

Caitlyn Jenner one step closer to legally changing name, gender classification
Caitlyn Jenner has cleared the first hurdle in her quest to legally change her name and gender classification.

Activists Lobby For Transgender Rights Bill In Massachusetts
Gay rights activists Wednesday launched the fifth annual Springfield Pride Week with a call to expand legal protections in Massachusetts for transgender people.

What New Federal Rules On Trans Care Might Mean For Michigan
On Sept. 3, 2015 the United States Department of Health and Human Services issued its proposed rules on anti-discrimination protections under the Affordable Care Act. These proposed rules have been long and eagerly awaited by the transgender community. The regulations make it clear that transgender people are protected against discrimination in both health insurance coverage and health care insurance, under the theory of sex discrimination. For example, if a private or government insurer covers estrogen treatments for a cisgender woman going through menopause, it cannot refuse to cover such treatments for a transgender woman, whose doctor has determined them to be medically necessary.

Fairview faces second lawsuit alleging anti-transgender discrimination
Fairview Health Services is facing its second lawsuit in two years alleging discrimination against transgender clients. Last week, Gender Justice, a nonprofit based in St. Paul, filed suit on behalf of a transgender woman who was allegedly refused services at Fairview’s chemical dependency programs.

Watch: MO trans teen Lila Perry on The View
Lila Perry has been the subject of hate, school board meetings, and a 200-person walkout in her town of Hillsboro, Missouri simply because she wants to use the girls’ bathroom like all of the other girls at school. She has responded to the hostility with grace and strength, delivering a beautiful speech at Missouri GSA Network‘s #LiftingUpLila rally, which we published earlier this month. In that speech, she thanked the students who protested for their role in bringing national attention to the experiences of trans students, and chillingly recognized that “it’s rare that a trans woman like [herself] is still living” to see her name become a hashtag.

Gender identity, through the eyes of six Las Vegans
Jane Heenan

Look Back: Transgender actress traded Hartsville for Hollywood
Our last two articles have featured people with Trousdale County connections who have made a name for themselves on the national stage. We met Lt. George Puryear, a war hero from World War I and gospel singer Amy Grant, the great-granddaughter of Trousdale County native A. M. Burton.

Dallas man received 10 years probation for trans murder
Jonathan Kenney has been sentenced to 10 years probation for the 2012 murder of his girlfriend, Janette Tovar, a transgender woman.
Probation for transgender woman's death upsets family, sparks questions

Transgender student’s battle divides Virginia town
Amid the cornfields and marinas dotting this conservative tidewater Virginia enclave between the York River and Mobjack Bay, people are divided over what one local pastor calls “the civil rights issue of this generation” — how to deal with a transgender student’s demand to use the boys’ restrooms at the local high school.