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quarta-feira, setembro 09, 2015

Que há de especial num debate político sobre minorias sexuais?
PS quer voltar à adoção por casais gay, Bloco aposta na temática transgénero e intersexual. E o PAN assume-se ao lado da “causa LGBT”. Resumo de um debate pré-eleitoral em Lisboa.

Qualquer coisa do género Deus criou os transexuais
Antes de criar o Homem, Deus criou os peixes transexuais. Pelo menos é o que consta na Bíblia. Primeiro a vida na água e depois a vida na terra.

Shortage of doctors results in unnecessary distress for trans people
A shortage of doctors qualified in helping people to transition is potentially leading to increased mental and physical ill-health, The Herald has reported.

The NHS is not treating transgender people equally with other patients, senior doctors warn
Access to healthcare for trans people can be a major problem

NHS doctor refused to treat transgender patient ‘because of his religion’, Parliament hears
An NHS doctor refused to treat a transgender patient because of his religion, a Parliamentary inquiry as heard.

Trans People Can Now Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate
Today (Tuesday 8th September), the application form for the Gender Recognition Certificate was launched by the Department of Social Protection. Trans people over the age of 18 will now be able to apply to have their preferred gender legally recognised by completing a simple form, which includes a Statutory Declaration. Once they've received their Gender Recognition Certificate they will be able to obtain a new birth certificate.
Irish transgender rights law takes effect

Russia's Transgender Community Struggles for Acceptance (Video)
There is no Russian equivalent of Caitlyn Jenner, whose transition from former Olympic athlete Bruce has been documented in both the mainstream and tabloid American press all summer. Transgender Russians often keep a low profile, worried how they will be treated by friends, colleagues and family members.

A Day in the Life of a Transgender Muscovite
The Moscow Times spent a day with Vika, a male to female transgender living in Moscow.

Transgender back in reckoning for cop’s job
nsgender K Prathika Yashini is just a step away from realising her dream of wearing the uniform of a police sub-inspector, thanks to the Madras high court.

Thai university introduces mandatory class on transgender issues
As the academic school year gets into full swing in Thailand, Thammasat, one of the country’s most prestigious and progressive universities is making a Social Life Skills class mandatory for its incoming freshman. This new course aims to ensure students have the skills to lead a successful life and covers a wide range of subjects, including music, art, sports and a three hour session on sex, where part of the focus is on gender identity.
Thai university introduces mandatory class on trans issues

Victorian Government reveals new LGBTI Taskforce to be led by trans* advocate Brenda Appleton
The new LGBTI Taskforce will play a role in advising the State Government on current and emerging LGBTI issues.

The Project welcomes Australia's first transgender TV host, Andrew Guy
The Project has welcomed its first transgender host, Andrew Guy, who made his debut on Monday night.

[New Zealand]
Agender Pres' resignation not accepted
The President of Agender’s resignation has not been accepted, and she says it's untrue that some members of the transgender advocacy organisation want it to embrace kink and fetish.

Community leaders urge caution after reports of assaults on transgender people
The transgender community of Southeast Nebraska has been put on alert after a group fielded reports that a man is arranging to meet transgender individuals online and assaulting them when they arrive.