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terça-feira, setembro 08, 2015

UN launches intersex fact sheet and calls for greater protections for intersex people
As part of its Free&Equal campaign, the United Nations Office of the High Commission for Human Rights (UN OHCH) has launched an intersex fact sheet to better explain intersex issues.

‘The Danish Girl’: Eddie Redmayne Wows as Pioneering Transsexual Lili Elbe
The talented Brit vies for back-to-back Oscars as the first person to receive gender reassignment surgery in Tom Hooper’s handsome biopic.
'The Danish Girl' Gets Long Standing Ovation at Venice Film Fest

Trans Indians beg for mercy killings rather than lives of discrimination
'If we can't sustain our livelihood with dignity, then let us die with dignity'

Brisbane drag queen says Facebook is two-faced on identity policy
A Brisbane drag queen is fighting to regain her Facebook page after it was removed by administrators pending proof of identity.

Noted artist says Caitlyn Jenner obviously has a “sickness”
To the point: Rapper Lord Jamar on Caitlyn Jenner’s transition: “This is not just another way to be, this is obviously a sickness.” The comment was made during an interview on VladTV in May earlier this year.

Out Boulder seeks to 'change hearts and minds' with transgender ad campaign on RTD buses
Starting this week, RTD buses throughout Boulder County will carry a new advertising campaign from Out Boulder designed to illustrate what transgender identity looks like throughout the local community.

Transgender woman fights to get into nursing school
Ellen DeGeneres assists Blossom Brown with $20K

Activists Say Police Abuse of Transgender People Persists Despite Reforms
New Year’s revelers clamored outside the window of Shagasyia Diamond’s apartment in the Bronx the day she was arrested.

Journey of hope
Transman offers encouragement to community
He was born into a female’s body, but never felt at home.
He always felt different, but never quite understood why.
Today, following his transition from female to male, Draco Alexander Evilsizor understands with complete clarity — she was meant to be a he.

Local districts deal with transgender bathroom issue differently
One local school district said it has one student who has identified as transgender or gender neutral, but no issues have arisen with bathroom use.

Federal Judge Denies Trans Student the Right to Use Male Restroom
The battle for trans-inclusive K-12 education heats up after a federal judge denies a high school student's request to use the boy's restroom.

Autoridades poblanas bloquean cambio de identidad a periodista transgénero
Fue boletinado en todo el estado a fin de impedir que se registre con su nueva identidad a pesar de realizar todos los trámites en Distrito Federal, por lo que el estado de Puebla al negarse ha provocado que se mantenga en la ambigüedad legal

[Costa Rica]
Few rules govern treatment of transgender prisoners in Costa Rica
Mónica Navarro pulls her long black hair behind her ear and lets it fall down her back where it stops just above her waist. Mascara gives her eyes a kohl look. She has high cheek bones. The way she carries herself, she might be a model if she weren’t serving 10 years for armed robbery.

Candidata transexual va a las elecciones parlamentarias como suplente de Tomás Guanipa
Si la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) obtiene la mayoría de los votos en las próximas parlamentarias, Tamara Adrián ocuparía una curul como diputada principal