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sexta-feira, setembro 04, 2015

Transgender Catholics Can't Be Godparents, Vatican Says
Alex Salinas, 21, is a Spanish Catholic who was assigned female at birth but identifies as a man. In June, Salinas requested to become his nephew's godfather, but his request was denied, Spanish media report. He was not eligible to become a godparent, his church said, because he is transgender, which is incongruent with Catholic teachings.
Vatican says 'no' to transsexual godparents amid Spain controversy
Vatican says trans godparents ‘impossible’
Vatican Says ‘No’ to Transgender Godparents

Brazilian Trans Inmate in Turkey: “I live like a dog”
Brazilian trans inmate’s cell protest in Maltepe prison: “I am victimized here and isolated.”

Being Laxmi: 'I belong to the hijra, the oldest transgender community' – video
The transgender rights activist and Hindi actor Laxmi Narayan Tripathi speaks about the challenges facing members of India’s hijra community, many of whom have been victimised or forced into begging or sex work. Laxmi’s fame has provided a useful platform in the battle to achieve equality, dignity and inclusion for India’s third gender. She is the founder of the sexual minorities rights organisation Astitva, and in 2008 became the first transgender person to represent Asia-Pacific at the UN.

Caitlyn Jenner? Meet Westerly Windina, Australian surfer and transgender pioneer
Renee Richards was the first prominent transgender athlete. Caitlyn Jenner surely is the most famous transgender with an athletic background. Westerly Windina may be the most fascinating.

Calgary city hall will be first Alberta government building to fly transgender pride flag Saturday
In a first for any government building in Alberta, the transgender pride flag will be flown over city hall Saturday, a day before Calgary’s 25th Pride Parade takes over downtown.

New Rules Bar Transgender Discrimination In Health Care
Obama's push for transgender rights reaches the health care system.

No arrests in Fresno trans death
More than a month after a transgender woman died after being stabbed on a Fresno street, law enforcement agencies are continuing to seek the person who attacked her.

Lawmakers advance protection for transgender Californians
Lawmakers have approved two bills aimed at offering greater legal protection and benefits to transgender Californians.
Leno bills benefiting transgender Californians pass Assembly

San Francisco school adopting gender-neutral bathrooms
The boys’ bathrooms and girls’ bathrooms will become just bathrooms at the first San Francisco school to go gender-neutral.

Gov. Pence's hometown passes sexual orientation protections
The city council of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's hometown has given unanimous preliminary approval to adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the city's anti-discrimination ordinances.
Columbus Council Approves Extended Protection To LGBT People

Legislators address gender identity with new bills
If you are transgender and work at a restaurant in Massachusetts, you cannot legally be fired for being transgender. But if, at the end of your shift, you walk to the front of the counter and order food, you could legally be denied service because of your gender identity.

Mo. Trans Student's Bathroom Struggle Is History Repeating Itself
Lila Perry's fight for her right to use the girls’ bathroom at her Missouri high school echoes similar battles for equal access that marked the broader American civil rights movement.

UM group works to accommodate transgender students
The University of Montana is making some changes to accommodate transgender students. The issue is complex and is playing out more and more on campuses around the country.

Transgender students in the classroom: Schools changing to make all feel welcome
If you have not had a conversation already, your children may talk to you about transgender students at school. Schools are making lots of changes to ensure all students are fully supported.

Bucks Co. judge OK's transgender surgery
A Bucks County judge yesterday cleared the way for a transgender woman to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, rejecting her parents' effort to block the operation because they say she's mentally incompetent.
Judge tells transgender woman she CAN have reassignment surgery despite parents' last-ditch attempt to stop it
Transgender Woman Wins Legal Battle With Parents Over Right To Sex Change

SD lawmakers: Teams for transgender students?
A South Dakota state lawmaker opposes another lawmaker's proposal that could require transgender students to undergo a genitalia check to determine which team they can join.

Ramsey threatens action after UT post on “gender neutral pronouns”
It’s something Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey calls “political correctness run amok.”

Laredo school districts educate staff on accommodating transgender students
Laredo I.S.D. and United I.S.D. are educating their staff and students on how to accommodate transgender students on campus.

How should schools accommodate transgender students?
After students walked out in protest of a transgender student's use of a girls' bathroom, the question of how to handle transgender situations in school is hitting home in Fairfax County. FOX 5's Lena Burns has more.