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quarta-feira, agosto 26, 2015

Conchita: “Não sou uma pessoa transgénero. Sou travesti e faço entretenimento”
Foi a avó que lhe comprou a primeira saia, conta Conchita Wurst, a cantora de 26 anos que desafia as noções de masculino e feminino. Entrevista no dia em que atuou em Portugal pela primeira vez.

Transexual assume a Secretaria de Direitos Humanos da República
Você precisa conhecer a paraense Symmy Larrat, que assumiu a função de coordenadora-geral de Promoção dos Direitos LGBT (Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais, Travestis e Transexuais) da Secretaria de Direitos Humanos da Presidência da República.

Trans activist fears for her safety after false claims she tried to ban drag fun run
Channel 5 TV’s Wright Stuff even used the wrong trans charity’s logo

Trans girl forced into prostitution to pay for hormones dies aged just 23
Gifted student Synestra De Courcy inspired others on Facebook and Twitter

“A trans woman has to be flawless”
Ece is a 41-year old dentist and a trans woman. A week ago, she lost her job, because her colleagues refused to work with her. Ece wants everybody to know that there is a trans dentist in Turkey.

U.S. Marine Claims 'Trans Panic' in Murder of Trans Filipina Jennifer Laude
Joseph Scott Pemberton, a U.S. Marine private first class, admitted to killing 26-year-old Filipina Jennifer Laude after he discovered she was transgender.
The Failed Logic Of “Trans Panic” Criminal Defenses

Meet Ladybeard, A Cross-Dressing Wrestler And Death Metal Singer From Australia
This hairy, smiling, cross-dressed man is the latest sensation in Japan, but his fame is growing beyond the borders of the Asian country! He’s Australian and his real name is Richard Magarey, but you can call him Ladybeard. Ladybeard is a man of multiple talents, and looking pretty nice in feminine dresses is only one of them: he’s an actor, a wrestler, a martial artist and metal singer.

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume sparks social media outrage
It's nowhere near October, but one ensemble is already on track to be named the most controversial Halloween costume of 2015.

New York Times Op-Ed Encourages People To Be ‘Skeptical’ Of Trans Identities
On Sunday, the New York Times published an op-ed from Richard A. Friedman, Weill Cornell Medical College professor of clinical psychiatry, who asks, “How changeable is gender?” Though Friedman sets up his piece by discussing the biological underpinnings of gender identity and the experience of being transgender, he ultimately explains his “skepticism” about assisting transgender people to change their bodies to match their identities. “After all,” he concludes, “medical and psychological treatments should be driven by the best available scientific evidence — not political pressure or cherished beliefs.”

Rallies Set Tuesday to Address Violence Against Black Trans Women
#BlackLivesMatter organizers plan to draw attention to the wave of fatal violence against this population during TransLiberation Tuesday.

Wanted: Transgender actors for Hollywood, little experience required
When director Sean Baker was looking for transgender women to appear in his indie movie "Tangerine," he did not turn to a traditional talent agency. Instead, he found them through a Hollywood LGBT center.

Keep trans women out of new private prison, 100 LGBT groups tell Obama
Two months ago, when U.S. immigration officials announced that transgender immigrants who identified as female could finally be detained with other women, it seemed like a viable solution to an issue that had rankled the administration for months.

Pretty Little Liars Sent Out An Extremely Transphobic Tweet — It Even 'Upset' The Show's Creator!
Two weeks ago, Pretty Little Liars dropped a bombshell on their watchers when they FINALLY revealed who ‘A' was on the show!

Coalition Gathers Petition Signatures to Oppose California Transgender Bathroom Law
A coalition of individuals and non-profits has been working to obtain signatures for a petition to fight a law that allows transgender individuals to use sex-segregated facilities in public schools, such as restrooms, according to the gender they identify with, regardless of their biological sex.

Healthcare Website For Transgender Community To Launch In Miami
A new website will make it easier for Miami's transgender community to access healthcare providers who are experienced in working with trans individuals.

Chicago commuter trains will stop marking gender on monthly passes
Many Chicago commuters are not even aware of the little rubber-stamp mark on their monthly train pass indicating 'M' for male or 'F' for female.

Transgender people face high suicide risks
M.C. Lampe couldn't take any more bullying. Not one more homophobic taunt. Not one more classmate refusing to sit at a nearby desk or change clothes within view at gym.

Victim Number 18: Another Trans Woman Murdered in Kansas City
Kansas City police confirm to The Advocate that Jasmine Collins, a 32-year-old trans woman, was murdered in June and that a suspect has been arrested.
Police in Kansas City, Mo., tell The Advocate that a 32-year-old trans woman known as Jasmine Collins was murdered earlier this summer, almost two months before the most recent killing of a trans woman — also in Kansas City. Her death brings to 18 the total number of transgender women killed in the U.S. in 2015.
Murders Cast Spotlight On Transgender Safety In Kansas City
Two transgender murders, one city: US fails to track new 'state of emergency'

Proposed Charter Amendment Defines Gender Identity in Houston
The Texas Supreme Court is awaiting a response by the city of Houston over a possible ballot question that would redefine gender identity in the city charter.
5 Things Hispanic Media Should Know About Houston's Fight For Equal Rights
Anti-HERO campaign targets women in first radio ad

"No necesitamos una operación para ser consideradas mujeres"
Kendra Stefani Jordany se considera una mujer transexual, actualmente cursa la carrera de periodismo en la Unah-vs.
Es activista de derechos y estudiante universitaria de la carrera de Periodismo. Kendra Stefani Jordany es una mujer transexual que muestra gran seguridad.
El apoyo de su familia ha sido determinante para convertirse en activista del Centro de Educación y Prevención en Salud, Sexualidad y Sida (Cepres) y tener claros sus objetivos en la vida.
Más de 80 hondureños están en lista de cambio de sexo

Buscan que orientación sexual e identidad género sean reconocidos
Una organización panameña que defiende la diversidad sexual entregará el próximo lunes en el Parlamento una propuesta de ley que busca que la orientación sexual y la identidad de género sean reconocidos como sujetos de derecho en Panamá, dijo hoy a Acan-Efe el proponente, Ricardo Beteta.

Por primera vez en el Atlántico, mujer trans asume un cargo público
Lorenas Arenas dirige desde hace 15 días la dependencia de la Alcaldía de Soledad centrada en esta comunidad. Entre sus misiones está realizar un censo de la población LGBTI en el municipio.

Iguales apunta a WOM por spot de travesti: “Sólo contribuye a prejuicios”
El presidente de la fundación que lucha por los derechos y la inclusión de la diversidad sexual, Luis Larraín, aseguró que el comercial, en el que un travesti dice que "con estas tremendas bolsas me recargan mucho más", sitúa a la transexualidad como un asunto humorítico, cuando "hoy en Chile es un drama".