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segunda-feira, agosto 17, 2015

How taking the steps to become transgender was the 'best decision' of Saoirse's life
The journey towards becoming transgender is far from easy. However, for Lincoln coffee shop owner Saoirse Williams it has been the "best decision" of her life. She tells Kelly Pyart how she took the decision to become a woman after 59 years of "suppressing" who she really was...

Glasgow to host heat of first UK transgender beauty pageant
For a demographic still fighting against prejudice, it is a chance to act as an ambassador for change.

Knife Attack on Young Trans Woman in Istanbul’s Şişli District
In the early hours of August 10 at approximately 04:00, two men injured a trans woman by the name of Ada Su with a knife in Istanbul’s Şişli neighborhood.

Knife Attack on Young Trans Woman in Izmir
On August 11, a young trans woman by the name of Türkan who lives in Izmir suffered a transphobic attack.

Being transgender in Turkey: Some say they live in 'empire of fear'
Activists say they have to fight for right to work, be who they are

Petition calls for tougher punishment in transgender murder case
Groups in Georgia on Friday launched a petition demanding to punish the person who was recently acquitted of murdering a transgender woman in Tbilisi on the grounds that he was acting in self-defense.

How facial feminization surgery is changing lives
Coming out as transgender takes a lot of courage, and for many people, things like family, relationships, jobs, personal safety, or even their lives may be on the line. For those who endure it all and come out on the other side, the final piece of the puzzle can be facial feminization surgery (FFS).

White House asked to investigate spike in murders of trans women
'With such a high death toll, something must be done to raise awareness and end the senseless killings of a targeted, vulnerable community'

Taxpayers pay for transgender men to speak like women
'He still has man shoulders, man hands, man hips … and his DNA still screams male'

Phoenix woman Kandis Capri killed as transgender murders continue
Transgender woman, 35, was killed in Arizona on Tuesday
Details are scant as mother considers possibility of hate crime

‘I just have to be Bree’: A woman, a bar and a firestorm
The two-story Gilbert home bakes in the summer sun. Inside, Briana Sandy is getting ready to brave the 111-degree heat. She stares into the downstairs bathroom mirror, leans over the sink and applies pink lip gloss.

San Francisco’s Stonewall: The landmark transgender rights riot of 1966
Today is International Transgender Awareness Day. It’s held on August 15 every year to commemorate an event in 1966, at Gene Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco, a popular hangout in the Tenderloin for members of the transgender community. After police raided the cafeteria and attempted to make several arrests, Compton’s regulars and allies protested and rioted, leading to greater recognition of transgender rights and the transgender community in general.

Another trans murder in Detroit
As reported by Equality Michigan, the body of 25-year-old Ashton O'Hara was found in one of the city's fields
Killing of transgender woman in Detroit red-light district opens dialogue
Local Trans Person Of Color Found Murdered

Transgender students open up
Quinn Foster always knew he was different, but didn't always know the words to describe that gut feeling that something just isn't right.

Asesinan a miembro de la comunidad LGBTI en el barrio La Luz
Un miembro de la comunidad LGBTI fue asesinado de dos disparos esta madrugada en el barrio La Luz.
La víctima fue identificada por las autoridades con el nombre César Andrês Cárdenas Pérez, de 26 años, y dedicado a labor de estilista. Su nombre en la comunidad homosexual era el de 'Kyara'.

Comunicado de prensa 104 Demanda constitucional contra código penal par incluir identidad de género
La Fiscalía General de la Nación se permite informar que el Fiscal General de la Nación, radicó ante la Corte Constitucional una demanda en contra de varias normas del Código Penal. Lo anterior por cuanto se consideró que con éstas disposiciones se genera una discriminación contra algunos miembros de la población LGBTI.

Venezuela's first transgender candidate to run for Congress
The first transgender politician to run for popular election in Venezuela on Friday registered as candidate for Congress as part of the opposition bloc, promising to advance gay rights in the traditionally macho South American society.