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quarta-feira, agosto 12, 2015

Somos capazes de reconhecer um transexual grávido como um homem a sério?
Tese aprovada no ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa sobre experiência e representação de transexualidade convida a pensar. (Alguém tem acesso à tese?)

Pernambucana, Duda Mel assume o título de primeira bailarina clássica transexual do Brasil
Com 20 anos de dança, ela afirma que a descoberta do título é recente e é resultado da pesquisa que empreendeu levada pela curiosidade de amigos, produtores e companheiros

Transgender police worker who battered her brother over the head with an iron bar appears in court for attempted murder trial
Helen Doe appeared in Kingston Crown Court today accused with attempting to murder her brother in Mitcham

Legal Precedent: “Houses where people reside cannot be sealed” in case against trans women in Antalya
In the court case that started after trans women’s houses in Antalya were sealed and then broken, the court ruled that “no matter what, sealing and therefore preventing the use” of houses where people reside is against legal principles.

Life as a transgender person in Egypt
Egypt is the only Arab country with legal provisions for gender identity disorder patients, but despite this they suffer from social stigma.

Nepal issues its first transgender passport to LGBT activist
Nepal on Monday issued its first transgender passport with a 37-year-old rights activist becoming the first person in the country to receive a passport under the 'Other' category instead of 'male' or 'female'.
Feature: First transgender person to receive passport in Nepal dreams of scaling Qomolangma

Transgender activist Nisha Ayub to receive international human rights accolade
Local transgender activist Nisha Ayub is among the four recipients named for the prestigious Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism by watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW), the global rights watchdog announced today.

Web series celebrates personal stories of transgender people across Canada
The Transgender Project is a web series designed to share and celebrate the personal stories of transgender people from across Canada.

Fredericton Pride Week panel discusses transgender issues
Reid Lodge speaks out about being a transgender person living in New Brunswick

What Other Countries Can Teach America About Transgender Military Service
During last Thursday’s Republican debates, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee took a moment to explain the true function of the U.S. armed forces. “The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things. … The purpose is to protect America,” he declared. At odds with this vision is the idea of allowing transgender troops to serve openly—a goal Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced in July, when he ordered a six-month study aimed at lifting the current ban. “I'm not sure how paying for transgender surgery for soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines makes our country safer,” Huckabee added, though host Bret Baier had not, in fact, asked whether the military should fund the troops’ transition.
WATCH: Scott Walker 'Wouldn't Change' Trans Military Ban
Scott Walker ‘wouldn’t change’ trans military ban

White House Takes a Stand to Support LGBTQ Techies
The White House is making public its desire to increase the presence of the gay and transgender community in technology. On Monday, the president’s Office of Public Engagement hosted more than 150 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists at its LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit.
LGBT tech experts gather for White House summit

Stonewall Star Jeremy Irvine Defends Film
Irvine says the film represents the diversity of the people who participated in the historic riots.

Prisons had policy against transgender surgery, rights group says
California prison officials have approved the nation’s first known sex-reassignment surgery for a prison inmate and say their actions show that they handle each case individually and have never had a blanket policy against surgery. But a transgender rights group isn’t convinced, and neither was a federal judge.
California Agrees To Surgery For Transgender Inmates, But It May Be Too Late For One

Stratford man arrested after trying to mug transgender woman
A Stratford man was arrested in New Haven after police said he tried to mug a transgender woman early Saturday morning.

Transgender individual charged with attacking alderman
A transgender individual has been charged with attacking 17th Ward Ald. David Moore.

Carmel city leaders back expanded protection for sexuality, gender identity
Carmel city leaders are backing a proposal to expand anti-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
Mayor Jim Brainard announced the proposed ordinance Monday.
The council is expected to vote on the proposal Aug. 17.

JCPS School Board takes up issue of gender identity and discrimination
Monday, School Board members held a work session on a proposal to add gender identity and expression to official policies on equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment.

Updated MA Law Modernizes Process for Gender Marker Changes on Birth Certificates
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently modernized its vital records law, enabling transgender people to receive an accurate birth certificate by providing proof of “medical intervention” rather than proof of surgery. The change went into effect on August 1.

'They target us': latest US transgender murder reveals Detroit's intolerance
Amber Monroe was fatally shot in Palmer Park, the location of three alleged hate crimes against trans women in 2014, in a city where misinformed authorities and a lack of opportunities keep transgender people vulnerable to violence

Gov. Christie Issues 2nd Veto of Birth Certificate Modernization Bill
Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vetoed a bill that would have eased access to accurate birth certificates for transgender people. This is Governor Christie's second veto of this legislation despite overwhelming support in the New Jersey General Assembly. National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) State Policy Counsel Arli Christian, who has worked closely with local and state advocates on this bill, issued the following statement:
Christie blocks bill to allow transgender people to get new birth certificate

Sex change woes: Transgender Fil-Am seeks PH citizenship as female
Just like many Filipino Americans, transgender woman Morena Cipriano is planning to spend her retirement in the Philippines when that time comes.

SEPTA Issues Full Statement on Recent Court Proceedings
A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently ruled that SEPTA was not subject to a Philadelphia ordinance banning discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity. This morning, we reported that SEPTA’s Director of Media Relations claimed that the legal proceedings “had nothing to do with discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity, only whether the Philadelphia had jurisdiction over SEPTA.”
SEPTA: Legal Disagreement “Had Nothing To Do” With Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

[Latin America]
Latin America’s Transgender-Rights Leaders
About three weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, the Colombian government issued a directive that received little international notice. On June 4th, the government announced that it would allow Colombian citizens to change their gender on identity documents without first undergoing gender-reassignment surgery or obtaining permission from a medical professional.