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domingo, agosto 09, 2015

José António Saraiva insurge-se contra a figura grotesca da mulher com barba e é desafiado para um frente-a-frente com Conchita Wurst
Bastaram dois meses para José António Saraiva (JAS) voltar a falar da comunidade LGBT na sua coluna de opinião no Jornal Sol. Depois de criticar as paradas gay, desta vez o director do semanário aponta baterias à “figura grotesca da mulher com barba”, uma das razões para a actual “crise” de “conceitos, balizas e regras de conduta”. Ao polémico artigo seguiu-se um convite, no mínimo, inusitado.

Sorocaba aprova lei que proíbe trans de usarem banheiro com base na identidade de gênero
A Câmara de Sorocaba, interior de São Paulo, aprovou uma lei que proíbe que transexuais utilizem os banheiros de escolas do ensino fundamental, públicas ou privadas com base na identidade de gênero. Ou seja, a lei obriga travestis e mulheres transexuais a usarem o banheiro masculino, assim como homens trans a banheiros femininos.

Conselho Tutelar notifica escola por transfobia com adolescente de 13 anos
A aluna só quer ser identificada pelo seu nome social e usar o banheiro feminino.

Church backtracks and will allow transsexual to be godfather to nephew
Recent decision made by Catholic officials in Cádiz had caused public outrage
“For me, this is the perfect decision,” said Alexander Salinas, from San Fernando
Catholic bishop bows to pressure to let trans man be godfather

Changes to Poland’s gender law could make things even worse for trans people
The Polish Senate has approved the country’s new gender recognition law – but there are concerns that last-minute amendments to the law may actually make the transition process harder for trans people.

Nepal issues first ‘third gender’ passport
Nepal has started issuing passports to applicants who wish to be identified as 'other' in the gender category in their passports following an amendment of passport regulations earlier this year

Third gender student rejects female identity to secure college admission
As a kid, Bidasi Mondal used to play with dolls while her elder and younger brother played football. Things changed when she was in Class IX. That's when Bidasi figured out that something was different about her.

Cresce descontentamento sobre filme Stonewall
O filme Stonewall de Roland Emmerich ainda só revelou o primeiro trailer já está envolto em polémica. Várias associações e colectivos LGBT um pouco por todo o mundo estão a apelar ao boicote ao filme, seja nas idas ao cinema, seja exigindo a reposição dos factos na história, propondo donativos para outro filme ou até assinando petições online.
Whitewashing and Cisplaining...the movie
Why is the Stonewall trailer pretending trans people didn’t start the riots?
5 Queer Heroes Who Should Have Been the Stars of the Stonewall Movie

Elle Fanning plays trans boy in trailer for new film
About Ray is set to release later this year.
A trailer has been released for the new film ‘About Ray’ in which Elle Fanning plays a trans teen.

Transgender prison inmate seeking sex-reassignment surgery will be released
California has agreed to pay for the sex-reassignment operation of a transgender inmate who said the surgery was medically necessary.
Transgender California inmate who won reassignment surgery to be paroled

Finding their voice: Speech clinic helps transgender clients
Sylvia Wojcik was making reservations for a beach getaway in Maine when the receptionist on the other end of the line called her "ma'am." Nothing could have delighted her more.
UConn helping transgender people change their voices

Fort Lauderdale to Host Southern Comfort, Largest Transgender Conference in North America
In a year when transgender issues have been at the forefront of conversation and headlines around the nation, Fort Lauderdale will be the home of the Southern Comfort Conference, the largest annual trans conference in North America.

Evansville teen celebrating becoming a boy
13-year-old Avin Tracy is getting ready to start the 8th grade, but something will be different when he shows up for the first day of school.

JCPS bias ban may soon include gender identity
Jefferson County Public Schools is looking at expanding its anti-harassment and nondiscrimination policies to specifically protect students and employees regardless of their gender identity or gender expression.

Amber Monroe Becomes the 12th TWOC Murdered in the US This Year, We Must #SayHerName
Early this morning in Detroit, Amber Monroe, a Black trans woman, became the 12th trans woman of color murdered in the US this year. Monroe was just 20 years old.

Family reacts to arrest in transgendered woman's murder
Mia Henderson's mother shares her relief to know the man accused of killing her transgendered son has been arrested and charged with murder.

Gender in transition: A turning point for people and policy
Until puberty, Kirsten Winters lived a standard little boy’s life. Then, around age 12, he started stealing his mom’s lingerie, panty hose and high heels, wearing them on the sly.

Court: SEPTA Can Discriminate Against You For Your Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
NBC 10 is reporting that a Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that SEPTA isn’t subject to Philadelphia’s city ordinance which bans discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity.

HERO foes back in court, asking for new ballot language
The wording on the November ballot for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance has some worried about the outcome.

Venezuela's first transgender candidate Tamara Adrian to run for Congress
The first transgender politician to run for popular election in Venezuela on Friday registered as candidate for Congress as part of the opposition bloc, promising to advance gay rights in the traditionally macho South American society.