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quarta-feira, agosto 05, 2015

Corpo de travesti é achado em estado de decomposição em Piracicaba, SP
Rapaz de 29 anos estava desaparecido havia uma semana. Tio o reconheceu.
Amigo da vítima disse que ele era garoto de programa; causa será apurada.
O corpo de um rapaz de 29 anos foi encontrado em estado de decomposição em um matagal no distrito de Santa Terezinha, em Piracicaba (SP), no final da manhã desta segunda-feira (3). O amigo que fez o reconhecimento junto com o tio afirmou que o rapaz era travesti e garoto de programa. A Guarda confirmou que ele tinha prótese de silicone na mama.

'Para os outros, é a Katielly. Mas será sempre o nosso pai', diz catarinense
Com 4 filhos, transexual se identifica como mulher e mantém papel de pai.
'Identidade foi mais secreta que a do Clark Kent', diz moradora de Chapecó.

Uma tentativa de homicídio foi registrada na cidade de Assú. O ato aconteceu na madrugada de domingo (02) para a segunda-feira (03). A vítima foi a travesti identificado como Cibelly Dantas, a mesma foi violentamente agredida por três elementos, sendo que um deles já foi identificado. As agressões aconteceu nas proximidades do Posto Florestal. A vítima conseguiu escapar porque fingiu que estava morta.

How do you have sex when you're transgender?
Lewis Hancox from St Helens has made a video to help educate people and make them more aware about transgender issues

First transgender candidate decides against election run
Ireland's first ever transgender candidate will battle to get into frontline politics by fighting the local elections in 2019.

Turkish trans activist raped, put in prison cell with attackers
The trans rights activist said in a blog post: ‘All I want to do is scream’

Suffering and loss in Istanbul’s transgender slum
MEE meets those who have come out as transgender in Turkey to face losing their family, job and home - and ended up working on the Suffering and ended up working on the streets

"She male" front page was gratuitous and offensive, rules Press Council
Brisbane’s Courier Mail shocked us with its report on a sickening crime back in October, with a transphobic “she male” headline which the Press Council has today ruled was “gratuitous” and led to “substantial offence.”
Courier Mail coverage of Mayang Prasetyo murder “gratuitous”, breached standards: Press Council

Trans rights at forefront of 2015 Vancouver Pride parade
Mandatory pledge sparks controversy, many politicians absent

Stonewall: A Film About a Historic Moment of Resistance…That Erases the People Who Were There
There’s a new film coming this fall from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich called Stonewall, about the historic 1969 riots in NYC that were sparked during a police raid on the now-landmark Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, a gay bar and safe haven for LGBTQ+ folks who had no where else to congregate in peace. It’s a series of events that started the LGBTQ+ Rights movement as we know it today. In light of the historic advancements we’ve made recently in the LGBTQ+ community, it makes sense that a film like this comes out to acknowledge the movement’s history. There’s only one problem – the film doesn’t seem to include many of the people actually involved in that history.

Matt Barber: Nondiscrimination Laws Let 'Perverts' In 'Miniskirts' Put 'Women And Young Girls At Risk'
Liberty Counsel activists Mat Staver and Matt Barber are jubilant over a court ruling that a Houston nondiscrimination ordinance must be put up for a popular vote, even after the city found that opponents had not gathered enough valid signatures to put it on the ballot.

Trailblazing Publication Gives Guidance to Schools to Help Transgender Students
Providing safe and supportive places of learning for transgender students from kindergarten through high school is the goal of this new teaching tool.

Open now! Groundbreaking survey to assess needs and realities of transgender people living with HIV/AIDS
Today, Transgender Law Center launched the Positively Trans (T+) survey, a first-of-its-kind community-led needs assessment to examine the legal and policy landscape as experienced by transgender women, men, and gender non-conforming people living with HIV/AIDS across the country. The survey is open for responses in English and in Spanish.

Transgender singer accuses American Idol of seeking to exploit his identity
Ryan Cassata unsuccessfully auditioned for the show but was contacted again after increased media interest in trans people such as Caitlyn Jenner

Transgender men build their bodies, confidence at KC’s City Gym
Jake Nothnagel had been hitting the gym faithfully, and it showed. On a recent shopping trip, while trying on clothes, he had reason to be pleased.

Will Caitlyn Jenner Find Her True Voice? How Trans People Learn To Speak Anew
Caitlyn Jenner is comfortable with how she looks, but not how she sounds. For many trans people, finding the right voice is one of the most complex aspects of transition.
What Would Maura On Transparent Think of Caitlyn Jenner?

Life as a transgender inmate: confronting a hostile system behind bars and in court
‘I would just as soon cut someone if they messed with me,’ says Lady Jae but protection for transgender women remains an uphill battle in prison culture

Buffalo Gay Bar Changes Bathroom Policy to Accommodate Transgender Individuals
A popular Buffalo gay bar accused of discriminating against a transgender woman says it's making changes. The owner of Cathode Ray says with the help of local advocates, the bar is clarifying its stance on transgender bathroom use.

Houston Mayor Sued Over LGBT Rights Law — Again
A suit filed by conservative pastors accuses Mayor Annise Parker of interfering with citizens' right to vote.

Trans and Other Marchers Block Seattle Street, Protesting Immigration Policies
Government contracts with private prisons provide an incentive to round up immigrants, they say.

La confesión de cuatro hermanos
A los hermanos Cedeño no solo los unía la sangre, sino un secreto que decidieron revelar: los cuatro son gays.
Los rumores sobre las preferencias sexuales de sus hijos no tardaron en llegar a oídos de los padres.
La reacción que la pareja tuvo fue de incredulidad, así que decidió buscar la opinión de un experto, con la esperanza de que los rumores fueran falsos.