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terça-feira, julho 28, 2015

Júlia Mendes Pereira poderá vir a ser a primeira deputada transexual eleita em Portugal
Júlia Mendes Pereira pode estar a caminho do Parlamento pelo Bloco de Esquerda (BE).
Eleição de deputada transexual pode fazer história no Parlamento
Portugal pode vir a ser um dos primeiros países da Europa a contar com transsexual no Parlamento
Esquerda portuguesa aposta em candidata transexual para deputada

Transgender equality to be historic first inquiry for new Women's Committee
The new Women and Equalities Committee, set up in June to scrutinise the Government's equality policy and led by Maria Miller, has announced that its first inquiry will look into discrimination against transgender people in the UK

Transgenders Facing Stigma Get Strongest Support From Parents
“We don’t know the scientific reason behind the birth of our transgender -children, but we strongly believe they are children of God”, said a group of parents who have accepted their transgender-children challenging the societal norms.

Transgenders plan website to get jobs
In a bid to provide transgenders with employment opportunities, a website was launched during a festival organised by Bharathi Kanamma Trust here on Sunday.

Trans March in St. John’s “an important radical act”
Province’s first-ever collectively organized Trans March takes over streets of downtown St. John’s a day ahead of the city’s annual Pride Parade.

Jennifer McCreath running for federal election in Avalon
Local activist Jennifer McCreath says she plans to be the first openly transgender person to run for federal election.

Janet Mock Co-Anchors MSNBC Show and Talks Trans Murders and #BlackLivesMatter
Janet Mock made history this weekend as first trans person to co-host mainstream cable news show.

I Am Cait reviews round-up: A fake, forced, boring reality TV series despite earnest intentions to help promote trans issues
Caitlyn Jenner's E! documentary doesn't deal with trans issues as well as other US reality TV shows such as 'I Am Jazz', say US critics
'Mom, I'm Trans': Comparing Our Coming-Out Experiences to Caitlyn Jenner's

These Are the U.S. Trans Women Killed in 2015
This year has already demonstrated why activists continue to decry an 'epidemic' of fatal violence directed at transgender women.

Conference unites black activists; focuses on transgender lives
Leaders of black activist groups from around the country are gathering in Cleveland this weekend to share thoughts, ideas and stories at a conference aimed at furthering the creation of a modern-day civil rights movement to address systemic problems of police brutality and socio-economic deprivation.

Calif. students now given six ‘gender identity’ choices on college admissions applications
Questions about gender identity and sexual orientation have been added to admissions applications used by the University of California system, including no less than six choices for students when checking off their “gender identity.”

Judge to issue opinion in transgender student's lawsuit
A transgender teenager's lawsuit against Gloucester Public Schools over a policy requiring him to use a private restroom is going to court Monday.

Trans woman shot dead in Guyana
Sex worker argued with client who wanted a refund
A transgender woman was gunned down last week in Guyana.
Nephi Luthers was shot in the chest at around 2.35am on Wednesday (22 July) morning in the capital Georgetown.