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sábado, julho 18, 2015

Bomba!!! Travesti é morto por cliente “enganado”, ouçam o audio exclusivo!!!
A prisão em flagrante foi feita por um Guarda Municipal de folga, morador nas proximidades!
Um profissional do sexo foi morto nesta madrugada por ter sido confundido com uma mulher quando um “cliente” então teria o pego em uma região da Cidade e deslocado para outra para ter o que teria contratado.
Durante os apegos e chamegos, ao perceber com toque que a contratada seria na verdade o contratado, o então cliente, teria ficado furioso por ter contratado gato por lebre e teria tomado a postura assassina contra a vítima.

Dundee transgender woman’s life ‘changed by quiz’
If Elaine Lithgow could explain to her 12-year-old self what she knows now, she reckons life might have worked out completely differently.

This transgender woman is determined to have biological baby
Talulah Eve Brown has started her transition but claims she still wants to have children that are biologically hers even if it means being a single parent.

Transgender beauty queen gets bodyguards amid death threats
Fears for Tiffany-Rose Davies as she prepares to undergo full sex-change so she can marry and live with wealthy Arab fiance in Dubai

Lauren Harries describes her own battle to be accepted as a transgender woman after Caitlyn Jenner's moving speech
Lauren Harries described her own battle to be accepted as a transgender woman after the former Olympian athlete Caitlyn Jenner gave an inspiring speech vowing to fight for trans rights.

Trapped in a man's body in an unforgiving community
Revealed: the secret struggle of a strictly Orthodox man who wants to be a woman

Dispatches: Ireland Steps Out as Global Transgender Leader
Lydia Foy, a now-retired dentist, witnessed the end of her 22-year struggle this week as Ireland’s senate passed the Gender Recognition Bill, ground-breaking legislation that will make Ireland the fifth country in the world to allow identity-based legal gender recognition.

NGOs seek speedy passage of transgender rights bill
Activists and members of transgender communities from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka released a report based on the progress of transgenders rights in India on Thursday, in New Delhi. They did so on the eve of the Parliament's monsoon session, which begins from July 21, so as to appeal to all parliamentarians to support and enable the passage of the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill 2014, a private member's bill that is to be tabled.

[New Zealand]
NZ to introduce "gender diverse" option
Statistics New Zealand says “gender diverse” will join male and female categories in a new gender-identity classification, which has been released today.
NZ introduces 'gender diverse' option
'Gender diverse' not guaranteed for Census

Barrie trans community sounds off about inequality
AIDS committee rebranding

Growing up trans: Six teens open up about discovering who they really are
Beyond July’s historic Vanity Fair cover spotlighting Olympic decathlete-turned-reality-television star Caitlyn Jenner, the past year has seen unprecedented representation for the transgender community. From actress Laverne Cox and her Orange Is the New Black co-star, gender-fluid model Ruby Rose, to Kristin Beck, a trans woman and former Navy Seal now running for Congress, to President Barack Obama condemning the persecution of transgender people in his State of the Union address – it’s been a banner year for trans visibility.

WATCH: Airbnb's Support for Caitlyn Jenner, 'Transkind' Will Give You Goosebumps
The popular travel company is letting the internet know that it stands behind Caitlyn Jenner and transgender people everywhere.

The Case for Allowing Transgender Athletes in Youth Sports
Students don't always get to pick their team

Indie drama ‘Tangerine’ is brave, impressive, not for everyone
Transgender prostitute on an angry mission

2nd Circuit Revives Transgender Welder’s Discrimination Case Against Ironworkers Union
A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, reversing the dismissal of a Title VII discrimination claim filed by a transgender welder against his union, ruled that failure to exhaust administrative remedies is not a jurisdictional bar and that the district court incorrectly failed to discern an alternative federal ground for the lawsuit under the National Labor Relations Act.

Transgender Navy lieutenant: ‘My job would be easier if I could just go to the restroom’
Growing up in San Diego with Mexican immigrant parents, Lieutenant Martinez never imagined he would one day end up working at the Pentagon.
Transgender service members to require host of new policies, congressional report says
Former US Marine: Let trans people fight the same fight as everyone else
Transgender Marine, Air Force Sgt. speaks out about military ban

Family Circle magazine features its first family with a transgender child in new issue
In their August 2015 issue, Family Circle magazine featured its first family with a transgender child. For the past year, the magazine has been running a "Modern Life" column every month. This month the column features an interview with Jodie Patterson, the mother of Penel, her 7 year old transgender son.

Jeb Bush supports Pentagon move to allow transgender military service
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush told Yahoo News today that he was “fine” with transgender people openly serving in the U.S. military so long as the Pentagon determines that doing so would not compromise morale within the armed forces.

'Ex-Trans' Activists Exposed: The Big Name Behind Their Fight Against Gender Transition
After an investigation spanning six weeks, The Advocate reveals how those few voices arguing against gender transition are finding followers.

AZ jails and prisons evaluating transgender policies
Officials from the Arizona Department of Corrections are set to meet with advocacy groups next week to discuss policies for the treatment of transgender inmates. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office also is in the process of creating a policy for its transgender inmates. Depending on the outcome, this could require millions of dollars at the state and county levels for new construction or retrofitting of older facilities.

Transgender Navy, Army Vet Fights for National Guard Recognition
Mia Mason served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and was recognized for her bravery -- but as she rejoins the D.C. National Guard this weekend, she's fighting to be fully recognized as a woman.

City Council passes amendment to the city’s human relations commission ordinance
The Terre Haute City Council on Thursday passed an amendment to the city’s human relations commission ordinance, adding language on gender identity and sexual orientation.
LGBT amendment has vocal opponent

Dad of transgender teen who took own life says he was ‘happy’ for shoutout from Caitlyn Jenner
The dad of one of the transgender teens mentioned in Caitlyn Jenner’s historic ESPYs speech was surprised and moved by the televised tribute, he told the Daily News on Thursday.
Jenner spotlights suicide by transgender Bloomfield boy

Finding meaning and identity through the gift of art and music
Local transgender artist Lara Nazario makes unique guitars and comic series on transition

An advocate for transgender men and women
Joanne Borden is a transgendered woman who did not transition until she was 84 years old. Now, she has been working to see that Nassau County includes gender identity and expression in its Human Rights Commission laws.

NY eyes transgender guidelines for high school sports
Transgender boys and girls in high schools across New York soon could find it easier to compete on either the boys or girls teams, whichever aligns with their gender identity.

Public hearing requested in Morris case
PGN is urging the state Office of Open Records to hold a public hearing in its appeal for certified records in the Nizah Morris case.

Equality PA hires trans-rights organizer
Equality Pennsylvania is taking a big step forward in addressing transgender issues with the hiring of Daye Pope as the agency’s new transgender-rights organizer.