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domingo, julho 12, 2015

New GIRES Website Launched
Today the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) has launched its new website. The address is unchanged:

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the team that has worked for nearly a year on this major project, which has included a focus group of trans and non-binary people, detailed design, construction and pilot testing. Special thanks are due to Denise Anderson who has devoted an enormous amount of time and expertise to ensuring a successful outcome.

The new website should be much simpler to navigate than its predecessor and easier to view on mobile devices. In particular it provides ready access to the four e-learning resources that GIRES has been involved in developing, two of which enable users to earn continuing professional development (CPD) points. There is also a clear link to the TranzWiki directory that lists the 527 national and local trans support groups, which has received nearly 2.3 million views since we launched it in 2010.

We will welcome further suggestions for improving the website. The Contact section contains a link for sending them to us.

Change in law protects transgender persons
Discrimination against transgender people was made illegal in Gibraltar yesterday.

Human Rights Coalition Calls for Government Response to Rising Threats and Harassment of LGBTI People in Turkey
A coalition of Turkish and international human rights organizations today strongly criticized the Turkish government for failing to protect the safety and security of LGBTI individuals, who are facing rising threats and harassment, including death threats and the reported sexual assault of a community leader.

Kemal Ördek’s Interview with Bianet: “No place is heaven for Trans people, hell is everywhere for sex workers”
Kemal Ördek: “1 in every 2 sex worker has experienced police violence. 50% of all perpetrators are police officers. [Apart from the police,] the perpetrator profile includes clients, organized crime groups, family members, neighbors, boyfriends, and so on. Access to justice is very limited, which points out to the need to execute legal support projects. Only 25% of sex workers who were targeted with physical violence appealed to the legal processes; only 10% of this 25% [i.e. 2.5% of all participants] believe that the perpetrators received the penalties they should have received. This is a horrible situation; access to the justice mechanisms is almost nonexistent.”

Sex-change surgery in govt hospitals soon
The government will take special efforts to ensure that the marginalized transgenders become a part of the mainstream of the society. This was decided at the first meeting of the state's transgender development board at Nabanna on Friday.

[New Zealand]
Youthline: More transgender Kiwis getting in touch
Caitlyn Jenner's transformation from male to female has been splashed around the entertainment news websites, but it's also being credited with helping young people discuss gender identity.

What It Was Like to Transition 50 Years Ago
In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, the activist Joanne Keatley tells her incredible story of harassment, homelessness, conflict, and triumph.

How director Sean Baker used iPhones to make his movie Tangerine
Interview with Tangerine director Sean Baker, who cast real transgender women to star in the low-budget comedy-drama shot entirely on iPhones.

The most transgender-friendly companies in America
America still has a long way to go when it comes to transgender inclusion in the workplace, but some companies are championing the way by instituting policies and practices that embrace diversity.

LGBT immigrants taking a more forceful stand as reform efforts languish
They consider themselves doubly marginalized — a vulnerable subset of an already maligned population.

Transgender worker files discrimination lawsuit
A transgender woman is suing a popular hotel near Disney for what she says is discrimination.

Transgender Elders Share Stories About Life Long Before Caitlyn Jenner
Longtime transgender and gender-nonconforming activists will discuss their combined centuries of experience at a free panel Saturday afternoon.
At “Aging Fiercely While Trans,” speakers will discuss their personal histories in the transgender movement, followed by an "intergenerational reception" with music from electronic artist Mizz June.

WATCH: Fox News Reports on Trans Teens, Claims They Have ‘Mental Disorder’
Fox News's 'Special Report' falsely reported that gender dysphoria is classified as a mental disorder.

Michael Savage: Liberals Using LGBT Rights To 'Eliminate Males'
Right-wing radio host Michael Savage yesterday blasted Oregon for a recent change in its Medicaid policy to allow coverage for transgender people who have reached the age of medical consent.

Rev. Franklin Graham 'Outraged' by Oregon's New Policy That Allows Minors to Undergo Gov't-Subsidized Sex Change Operation Without Parental Consent
Rev. Franklin Graham has condemned what he calls an "ludicrous" new policy put into effect in Oregon which permits teenagers to get a state-subsidized sex change without their parents knowledge or permission.
Inside the numbers of state-paid gender surgery
Gender reassignment for teens without parental consent draws fire

Court documents: Man arrested, accused of sexually abusing transgender teen
A Portland Man is accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old transgender teen he met in North Portland.

Non-Discrimination Ordinance Amended To Remove Phrasing On Gender Expression; Further Definitions Added
After hearing criticism by some council members and a round of comments by the public on both sides of the issue, council member Chris Anderson has amended the pending non-discrimination ordinance to remove the phrase "gender expression" from the document and added definitions for terms that some found confusing or problematic.
Late changes made to City of Chattanooga nondiscrimination ordinance
Controversial language quietly removed from proposed nondiscrimination ordinance

HERO opponent tries again to derail ordinance
Anti-gay activist Dave Wilson trolled City Hall again on Thursday, trying a second time to force a public vote over Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.