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domingo, julho 05, 2015

Amanhã é outro dia (será?)
Acho piada a como, sem sabermos, correm "coisas" a nosso respeito nas nossas costas. Sinceramente, isso não me afecta, a não ser no ponto em que pode prejudicar a minha relação com pessoas que respeito e de quem gosto. Também vou reflectir aqui sobre o que considero ser um tlover e um homem aberto, de cabeça arejada, que se relaciona com mulheres, independentemente de serem cis ou trans.

Três são presos sob suspeita de participação em morte de jovem travesti
Crime aconteceu no dia 20 de julho na região da Vila Jacuí, zona leste de São Paulo
A Justiça decretou nesta quarta-feira (2) a prisão temporária (por cinco dias) de três homens investigados sob a suspeita de participação no espancamento da travesti Laura Vermont, 18 anos.
O crime aconteceu em 20 de junho, na região da Vila Jacuí, zona leste de São Paulo, e dois policiais militares também chegaram a ser presos porque mentiram à Polícia Civil ao esconder que haviam atirado contra Laura e a espancado.

"Chega de transfobia", diz Xuxa ao publicar foto com filtro da bandeira trans
A campanha de mudar a foto do perfil do Facebook com o filtro da bandeira trans ganhou vários adeptos nesta sexta-feira (3). O A CAPA também participa.

Une transexuelle fait condamner un employeur pour discrimination à l'embauche
C'est une première judiciaire en France que France Info vous révèle : un employeur a été condamné pour discrimination à l'embauche basée sur l’identité sexuelle d’un candidat. C'est l'histoire d'une personne transexuelle, exclue d’un emploi parce que ses papiers ne correspondaient pas à son image.

OAU alumni transforms to a woman
The last has not been heard of Dapo Adaralegbe; the first Nige­rian transgender who was born a boy, but has now transformed into a lady and now referred to as Stephanie Rose.

Our identity creates obstacles for us: Transgender activists
For the transgender (TG) and Hijra communities, visibility is the biggest challenge as it invites derision and discrimination from people and compounds their problems. This sentiment was echoed by the representatives of the sexual minorities in India at the Third National Hijra Habba or the ‘Transgender Festival’ held in the New Delhi.

Third gender in India gaining respect and opportunity
The eunuchs or hijras have been an integral part of Indian society since time immemorial. Eunuchs were prized as guards of harems, and as companions, by kings and emperors. Their fall from grace started in the 18th Century during the British colonial rule when the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871 categorized the entire transgender community as “criminals” who were “addicted” to committing serious crimes.

Recognise us as women, transgender group tells govt
The Malaysian Tamil Transgender Association is demanding that the Government amend current laws to recognise the group as women, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Transgender people in Malaysia report widespread abuse
Transgender people in Malaysia say they are being, bashed, stabbed and in some cases killed because of their difference. Malaysia is seen as a progressive Muslim nation but those within the gay, lesbian and transgender community say they're facing increased persecution, isolation and abuse.

Amazing Race's first transgender contestant hails from Nova Scotia
Hamilton Elliott and Michaelia Drever say 'insane' competition tested them mentally and physically

Two Ottawa families of transgender children recognized for their work
Long before Bruce Jenner made the cover of Vanity Fair when "he" came out as a "she", two little Ottawa girls were making news here. Both were born boys, but identify as girls. Their families have supported them unconditionally.

MJ Pride demands better transgender rights in Sask.
Although Falon Dennison doesn't live in America, the country's decision to legalize marriage struck a cord with the Moose Javian.

How Facebook Taught One Transgender Man What It Feels Like To Be Totally Cut Off
Last October, Facebook apologized to the LGBT community for the way it was enforcing its “real name” policy in a way that unfairly opened people like drag performers and transgender individuals — those whose everyday name might not match their legal name — to abuse. Any user could file a complaint that such a profile was “fake” and Facebook would give the benefit of doubt to the complainant, not the targeted user. Months later, transgender people continue to have the same problem.

Transgender victims have few places to turn as LGBT domestic violence climbs
With surveys pointing to a growing problem, transgender and other LGBT Americans struggle to find understanding through traditional support services

LGBT activists call for new focus on violence against transgender community
While the supreme court victory on gay marriage sparked celebrations, the lives of transgender individuals – particularly black trans women – remain in danger

After A Mormon Contributor Objects, The Federalist Admits Its Anti-Transgender Policies
A self-described “devout Mormon” and “no-man’s-political-gender-sexual-orientation-thinker,” Donna Carol Voss is just starting her blogging career, hoping to navigate the complex issues of gender, male-female relationships, parenting, and faith. This week, she published her second piece at The Federalist and quickly became aghast at how her words had been changed without notification.

Writer James Robinson responds to fan criticism of transphobia in Image Comics' "Airboy"
Today, writer James Robinson responded to fans who raised concerns about a scene in Airboy #2 which negatively portrayed transgender women. James Robinson has been nominated for two GLAAD Media Awards for his work on Starman and Earth 2. He reached out to GLAAD and sent the following statement.
James Robinson Responds to Airboy #2 Transphobia Criticism, Apologizes

Chris Christie vetoes pro-LGBT gestational carrier bill
Fate of surrogacy bill may have implications for bill allowing transgender people to change their birth certificates

[El Salvador]
Capitol officer transman Aldo Alexander Peña beaten after San Salvador Pride by national police
San Salvador Capitol police officer (CAM) transman Aldo Alexander Peña was attacked by national police after marching in Pride with his girlfriend.
Peña’s injuries included broken ribs and cerebral hematoma, were sustained according to national police when he resisted arrest after an altercation with a motorist.