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sábado, junho 27, 2015

Parlamento aprova 17 de Maio como dia nacional contra a homofobia e a transfobia
A data é celebrada em todo o mundo e reconhecida oficialmente em diversos Estados, inclusive a União Europeia.
17 de Maio é o Dia Nacional Contra Homofobia e Transfobia

Norway to let 7-yr-olds change gender
Children as young as seven would be allowed to change their legal gender under a bill proposed by Norway’s government on Thursday, bringing it one of the lowest ages for transgender rights anywhere in the world.

Turkey's transgenders pay a "high price" but see brighter future
Despite having the largest gay pride parade in the Muslim Middle East, Turkey's trans community faces discrimination, including at the workplace. However, people feel things are changing for the better in the country, especially after the recent elections.

Transgender lecturer loses fight for reinstatement in Thailand
28-year-old Kath Khangpiboon vows to take further legal actions

NSW Attorney General commits to review on sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex rights
In response to calls from the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, the NSW Attorney-General, Gabrielle Upton, has committed to reviewing the implications for NSW of the Human Rights Commission report on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex rights (SOGI).

Panel hears transgender woman’s request to have genital surgery costs reimbursed
When Bobbie Pearson was asked to tell a health-care tribunal what it meant to finally make the transition from a man to a woman at the age of 57, she drew a deep breath and tried not to cry.

Ontario to expand access to publicly insured sex reassignment surgery
The Ontario government will expand the number of places where transgender people can obtain approvals for publicly insured sex reassignment surgeries, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Same-sex marriage is finally legal nationwide
In a landmark 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal in the United States. That means marriage equality has come to all 50 states, including the 13 states where same-sex marriage is illegal.

“Rowdy crowd” backs Obama over heckler at White House LGBT reception
Despite disruption, president's annual reflection on LGBT progress under his administration is well received
This Is Why Everyone Cheering Gay Marriage Should Stand With the White House “Heckler” Now
35 Congress members tell Obama administration to end LGBT immigration detention
Transgender Obama heckler Jennicet Gutiérrez hailed by some LGBT activists
Mixed response to Obama’s Pride heckler

Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Key Health Care Subsidies
In a 6-3 ruling written by Justice Roberts, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government in King v Burwell, upholding a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) that provides subsidies to those buying health insurance in both federal- and state-run marketplaces. These exchanges and subsidies to buy insurance are the foundation of the law that makes health insurance affordable for millions of Americans. Had the Court ruled the other way in this case, reports estimate that as many as 8.2 million Americans would have lost their insurance, while premiums for those that retained coverage would have risen by 34%.

Author Heather Brewer comes out as transgender, reveals new name, Zac Brewer
Beloved YA author Heather Brewer, best known for two successful vampire series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Slayer Chronicles, has come out as transgender, the author told Publishers Weekly in a recent interview. He also wrote on Tumblr that his name will now be Zachary Oliver Brewer — Zac for short — and his preferred pronouns are he/him/his.

Transgender Air Force vet who helped fellow trans veterans through suicidal struggles takes her own life
She helped many fellow LGBT soldiers and veterans battle their inner demons, but ultimately Jess Shipps fell victim to her own.

BART Police 1 Of 1st In Nation To Implement Policy On Interactions With Transgender People
BART police have become one of the first police departments in the country to implement a specific policy governing interactions with transgender individuals, BART officials said Thursday.

Gov. Christie: Sign Bill Modernizing NJ’s Birth Certificate Policy
Tonight, a bill passed through the New Jersey Senate and Assembly that eases restrictions on changing the gender marker on NJ-issued birth certificates. The bill should be on Governor Chris Christie's desk tomorrow. The National Center for Transgender Equality strongly urges Governor Christie to sign this bill to make accurate birth certificates more accessible for all transgender individuals born in the state of New Jersey.

TLDEF Denounces New York State Senate's Failure to Pass Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)
TLDEF denounces the New York State Senate’s failure to pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. The bill would have added transgender people to New York’s hate crimes law and protected them from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. The bill was not brought up for a vote before the legislative session came to a close today, ending its chances for passage this session. The legislation has passed the New York State Assembly 8 times since it was first introduced 12 years ago, but the Senate has never voted on it. Governor Andrew Cuomo has voiced support for GENDA and promised to sign it into law if it ultimately passes.

Trial date set in Williams case
A trial date has been set in the homicide case of Diamond Williams, a local transgender woman who was stabbed to death two years ago.

Gun Lobbyist Ties Charleston Shooting To Transgender Rights
In a radio interview on Monday, Gun Owners of America official Erich Pratt tied the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston to the transgender rights movement, saying both are products of a school system that teaches that “there is no absolute right or wrong.”