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quarta-feira, junho 24, 2015

slide show com registros fotograficos do BLOCO TRANS * na MARCHA LGBTQI 2015 em LISBOA PT

Travestis e transexuais ocupam a Câmara Municipal de São Paulo
Sob forte protesto da comunidade T, o texto do projeto que institui o PME (Plano Municipal de Educação) em São Paulo foi aprovado por unanimidade nesta sexta­-feira (19/5) pela Comissão de Finanças da Câmara, depois que retirou referências e expressões relacionadas a ‘identidade de gênero’, ‘orientação sexual ‘ e ‘sexualidade’ do texto original.

PMs são presos por mentir sobre morte de jovem travesti em SP
Laura de Vermont morreu na madrugada de sábado e tinha diversos ferimentos pelo corpo
Policiais são presos após espancamento e morte de travesti na zona leste de SP

Welsh Government launches consultation for transgender equality
The Welsh Government has today launched a consultation into how it can do more to ensure equality for transgender people.

LGBT people are subjected to hate crimes 'on daily basis' in UK rural communities
Survey reveals that eight in 10 have been verbally abused or harassed, with one in 10 suffering physical assault

Thousands of people walked for Trans Pride: We need a law!
6th Trans Pride March ended with the attendance of thousands of people. People against transphobia, opening 60 meters long trans-flag, said “We need a law against hatred”.
Thousands March against Transphobia: We Need a Law

Armenian Trans Woman Bedi Keskin: “Many of my trans friends are jealous of my life”
We met with Bedi Keskin before the Trans Pride Parade on Sunday, June 21st. Keskin is an Armenian transsexual. In a sense, she is ‘the Other of the Other.’ At 51 years old, Keskin is one of the best stone setters at the Grand Bazaar.

Dispatches: Ukraine’s Small Step Toward Transgender Rights
Late last week a Kiev court overturned the government’s rejection of a transgender man’s application to have his gender legally recognized. In ruling that the applicant did not have to prove he had been sterilized to receive documents in his preferred gender, the court marked a major inflection point in Ukraine’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights struggle.

1st ‘gender-neutral’ degree handed out by NALSAR varsity
Anindita Mukherjee had requested the authorities to address her as “Mx” in her certificates and the university, which has probably become the first Indian educational institution to do so, accepted the “fact”.

Transgenders search for identity and a bank account in India
When Balasubramaniam went to the bank to open a savings account, she had to say she was a man.

Malaysia slammed for jailing of two trans women
An Islamic court in Malaysia has been criticised by human rights groups for jailing two trangsgender women.
Malaysia Takes Heat for Convicting Nine Trans Women of Illegal 'Cross-Dressing'
Malaysia charges nine transgender women using 'anti-cross-dressing law'

When will we start seeing transgender actors in non-trans roles?
Transgender actress Nicole Maines makes her acting debut Tuesday night as a transgender character on USA’s “Royal Pains.”

The 60-year-old former Bond girl posed for Playboy in 1981 while promoting For Your Eyes Only
A year later the British tabloid News of the World revealed that she was born Barry Cossey
In 1991, she approached Playboy and became the first transgender woman to pose for her own pictorial in the magazine
Ms Cossey wrote two memoirs about her experience and fought for her gender to be changed on her British birth certificate
She recently spoke with Playboy once again for her first interview in more than two decades

Court Revives Transgender Worker's Claims Versus Union Despite Lack of EEOC Charge
A transgender ironworker's failure to exhaust administrative remedies on sex discrimination and retaliation claims against his union doesn't require dismissal of his lawsuit under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act because failure to exhaust doesn't deprive a district court of jurisdiction, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled June 19.

No, High Suicide Rates Do Not Demonstrate That Transgender People Are Mentally Ill
To her credit, Caitlyn Jenner has escalated the public conversations on transgender identities, but as conservatives push back on the momentum for trans equality and safety, one myth keeps bubbling to the surface. Conservatives are constantly reminding their audiences that transgender people have a higher rate of suicide and suicide attempts than the general population. This, they imply, is evidence that transgender people are inherently mentally ill and their identities should not be affirmed.

California Gives Transgender People Right to Determine Sex Listed on Death Certificate
In July, California will become the first state in the country to allow transgender individuals to have their gender identity listed on their death certificate.

UGA researcher to look at what shapes gender identity
Researchers at the University of Georgia will partner with other universities as part of a national study on identity development in transgender populations, the largest study of its kind to date.
US University to study trans identity

Gender Transition Legalities Cost Time, Money
The Illinois General Assembly recently passed a bill to give transgender people more say in planning their funerals. But what is legally and financially involved in identifying with a gender not assigned at birth up until that point?

Mississippi teen is 8th trans person murdered this year
Eight transgender women have been murdered in the less-than-six-months of 2015, the latest being 17-year-old Mercedes Williamson, a Theodore, Miss. teen stabbed 39 times and buried in a wooded field in George County, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. Other sources list more victims.

Dos procesados por homicidio de trans en Pinar del Río
Dos hombres de 25 y 18 años que declararon ser pareja fueron detenidos y están siendo procesados por el delito de homicidio, a raíz de las pedradas que en abril último causaron la muerte a Diosvany Muñoz Robaina en un parque de la ciudad de Pinar del Río.

Grupos LGBTI reclaman igualdad
Con motivo de la conmemoración del Día del Orgullo Gay, que se celebrará el 28 de este mes, se desarrolla una serie de actividades por parte de los colectivos LGBTI para instar a la tolerancia y la igualdad de los gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales.

Envejecimiento gay y trans, una realidad que necesita mayor visibilización y menos prejuicios
El envejecimiento de personas homosexuales y trans es por lo general más complejo debido a la falta de contención familiar, la historia de ocultamiento que la persona atravesó durante su vida y la dificultad de compartir hoy con sus pares su identidad, afirmaron especialistas.