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sábado, junho 20, 2015

É hoje! É hoje à tarde! Vamos massivamente demonstrar que não vão destruir o nosso SNS sem luta? Pelo reconhecimento do direito à autodeterminação das identidades trans, marhar, marchar...

Este ano na Marcha teremos pela primeira vez um bloco trans... Contra o desmantelamento do SNS marchar marchar...

Para Laerte, visibilidade de transgêneros na TV é positiva, mas não triunfo
Há algumas semanas, Laerte Coutinho reforça o time de transgêneros que têm conquistado a televisão, como Laverne Cox, a Sophia de "Orange Is the New Black", e Jaime Clayton, a Nomi de "Sense 8", sem falar de Caitlyn Jenner, que em breve será estrela do documentário "I Am Cait" no canal E!.

UK university rewrites centuries-old dress rules for trans students
Victory for St Catharine's University trans and gender neutral students

Pope Francis on trans issues: Accept the body God gave you
'Thinking that we enjoy absolute power over our own bodies turns into thinking that we enjoy absolute power over creation'

Legal status of transsexuals to be alleviated?
A parliamentary subcommittee has finished examining a bill regulating gender recognition in Poland.

Transgender fails court bid to change identity to woman, judge says ‘hands tied’
The High Court dismissed today a male transgender’s application to change his identity card detail to reflect his new gender status as a woman, citing past precedent in its ruling.
Transgender's bid to be legally recognised as female fails due to lack of paperwork
Genitalia doesn’t determine gender identity, trans activist insists despite court ruling

Thais working in Mideast warned against cross-dressing
The Labour Ministry is reminding Thai transgenders working overseas that cross-dressing in Middle Eastern countries can get them thrown in jail.

Watch: Trans woman makes powerful statement about domestic violence
A video maker has made a powerful video on domestic violence – recreating some of the injuries that many trans women face.

Halifax radio station Q104 apologizes for sharing ‘insensitive’ image mocking Caitlyn Jenner
A radio station in Halifax has apologized after sharing an image on its Facebook page that it calls “insensitive.”

Trans Jem Artist on Coming Out and Creating Comics
It's 'Showtime Synergy!' in this exclusive interview with the out trans artist behind the hit Jem and the Holograms comic book series.

Family Resource Council releases anti-transgender report
Lately, the evangelical right has been obsessing over transgender identity. A lot of the rhetoric has been Bible-based and emotionally charged.

Free At Last
Nicoll Hernandez-Polanco was granted asylum, but challenges remain as she gets used to her new life outside detention

Trans Woman Who Sued Uber For Expenses Wants To Become CEO
It's beginning to look like Barbara Ann Berwick, the woman who successfully petitioned the California Labor Commission for reimbursable expenses during her stint as an Uber driver last summer and won a ruling this week, did not go after the company because she was hard up for cash. The San Francisco Business Times sat down for an interview with Berwick at her home in SF's Anza Vista Heights, and the self-employed investor and former phone-sex entrepreneur makes it sound like she knew exactly what she was doing when, after just two months as an Uber driver, she resigned and filed her claim for just over $4,000 in expenses.

Transgender teen is victim of George County murder
An investigation into a murder of a transgender teen from Alabama began when the suspect, a convicted felon and longtime member of the Latin Kings street gang, told his father he'd killed someone, police reports show.

NJ assembly committee approves bill to drop sex change operation requirement to change birth certificate
Last year Governor Christie vetoed a bill that would drop the requirement for a sex change operation in order to amend an individual’s sex on their birth certificate. On Thursday, an Assembly committee approved a new version of that bill.

Nevada to offer transgender health coverage starting July 1
State employees and covered family members will have health coverage for gender reassignment and other transgender procedures under a new insurance policy that takes effect July 1.