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quarta-feira, junho 10, 2015

Crianças transgénero. Manual de instruções para pais confusos
Às vezes a ecografia mente: não são os órgãos genitais a definir o género, é o cérebro. Conversámos com uma das maiores especialistas mundiais em crianças transgénero. O que os pais devem fazer?

In unprecedented ruling, Israeli court prohibits discrimination of trangender employees
Labor Court rules that NGO must compensate transgender employee fired for discussing her sexuality, setting a precedent.

Beatings, abuse and blame: being transgender in Egypt
Global attitudes may be changing but in Cairo a crackdown on LGBTI people means continued prejudice and possible arrest. Mada Masr spoke to the women struggling to live freely

Locals rallied to support transgender musician Stephanie McCarthy – who was bashed by a group of men inside Newtown pub 'the Townie' on Friday night – during a protest which took place yesterday.

Transgender girl’s mum told: ‘Take her in the bush and shoot her’
The mother of a transgender child — who was born a boy but now wants to be recognised as a girl — was told to “take her in the bush and shoot her because there was no hope for her”, The Australian has reported.

Sex change and breast enhancements for AustralianDefence Force troops hits $640,000
Taxpayers were hit with a bill for $648,000 over 30 months for sex change and breast enhancement procedures for serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Western University study finds that risk of suicide in transgender community may be reduced by changing policy and societal factors
Western University researchers have determined that policy and societal changes may prevent thousands of transgender adults in Ontario from attempting or seriously considering suicide.

What Else Is Down Jenner’s Anti-Reality Rabbit Hole?
Progressives say it's okay to deny reality, as long as doing so serves their agenda. This leads nowhere good.
Jenner's 'Vanity Affair'
Brown: Before Caitlyn Jenner, there was my roommate, Diane Schroer
Should Christians Call Bruce Jenner Caitlyn?

Why Is The New York Times Suddenly Focused on Transgender People?
Editors sat down with The Advocate to explain why 'the paper of record' is telling the stories of everyday transgender Americans.

The First Out Transgender Active Duty U.S. Army Officer: “My Story Is Not Unique”
Last month, the Army granted the request of Jamie Lee Henry, a military doctor, to officially change her name and gender. “People say, ‘Is this a choice?’ The choice is being healthy or sick. I can continue living a sick life, or I can live a healthy life.”

America's Doctors: Transgender Military Ban Is Pointless
The American Medical Association weighs in — against the ban on military service by out transgender Americans.
AMA adopts policies against nonmedical vaccine refusals, for transgender people in military

Obama Appoints Transgender Attorney Shannon Minter To White House Commission
President Barack Obama on Monday appointed transgender attorney Shannon Price Minter to the President's Commission on White House Fellowships.

Tempe bar manager apologizes to transgender woman
A Tempe bar issued a public apology on Monday to a transgender woman whose claims of discrimination by workers ignited an online firestorm.

Transgender CA Inmate Finds Circuit Receptive
A transgender California woman seeking sex-reassignment surgery seemed to curry favor from the Ninth Circuit on Monday.

First Ever Transgender Wax Figure By Mme Tussauds
Madame Tussauds announced Laverne Cox will join Madame Tussauds San Francisco in Fisherman's Wharf as the first ever transgender figure in the long history of Madame Tussauds to celebrate Pride Month.

Court: Transgender teen's rights violated in transfer to prison from child welfare agency
Connecticut's second-highest court ruled Monday that a transgender girl's due process rights were violated last year when she was transferred from the custody of the state's child welfare agency to a state prison — a detention that sparked an outcry from civil liberties advocates.

The Change Agent
Rob Garofalo of Lurie Children’s Hospital is leading the way in helping transgender kids switch sexes. But the doctor’s work raises a thorny question: How young is too young?

Local pastor shares the story of his transgender journey
As Caitlyn Jenner's transition continues to make headlines, there are many who have gone through similar transitions, living quietly in our neighborhoods.

Embracing transgender equality, high schools move to one graduation robe
Chloe Martin-Poteet will be wearing a white cap and gown when she graduates this month. Her brother, Julian, will be dressed in royal blue. It’s part of a two-color tradition at James Hubert Blake High School: girls in one hue, boys in another.
That tradition is ending.
To respect transgender students, Maryland school district opts for 1 color graduation robes

Community reacts positively to school board’s movement toward transgender protections
Among other agenda items, the Columbia School Board met Monday night to discuss a plan to add protections for gender identity and gender expression to the school’s anti-discrimination and student discipline policies.

Suspended jail time for transgender former lawmaker who called in Nashua bomb threat
A former city selectman, Stacie Laughton, has been sentenced to a suspended six-month jail term for reporting a bomb threat at a local hospital earlier this year.

Knoxville transgender men describe going through the transition in the South
Beckham Loupe and Jack Knoxville told us it wasn't an easy decision to come out as transgender. They even thought about suicide. They said the only way to survive was to transition from a woman to a man.

Dallas butt-injection death ruled a homicide
Dallas police say the death of Wykesha Reid has been ruled a homicide. She died in February after receiving injections for a "Brazilian butt lift."

UW students call for more gender-neutral restrooms
Students at the University of Washington are taking a stand, calling on officials to make way for more gender-neutral restrooms. Transgender students say there are simply not enough on campus.

[El Salvador]
Leading trans activist murdered in El Salvador
This is believed to be the seventh killing of a trans woman in the country this year alone