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domingo, junho 07, 2015

Ódio contra homossexuais e transgénero é um dos que causa mais violência, diz ONU
A homossexualidade é considerada crime em quase 80 países. Entre 2008 e 2014, foram assassinadas 1612 pessoas transgénero em 62 países. ONU divulga relatório sobre violência contra pessoas LGBTI.

Ultranacionalistas atacam Gay Pride
A Gay Pride da capital ucraniana terminou com meia dúzia de feridos, a maioria agentes da polícia – um dos quais em estado grave – e duas dezenas de detenções. Militantes ultranacionalistas atacaram as três centenas de ativistas que participaram na Marcha da Igualdade em defesa das orientações sexuais minoritárias.
Confrontos marcam Orgulho LGBT em Kiev
Violence in Ukraine as Kiev gay pride march attacked
Police wounded after Kyiv Pride attacked by ‘hooligans’

Egyptians see Transsexuals as the curse of the Pharaohs! أنت في مصر إذن أنت في سجن كبير
You are trans in Egypt you live in a big prison.
We know very well that the person who has gender identity disorder starts who’s suffering from the beginning of his life But as a child he’s not aware of what awaits him.

INTERVIEW-India's first transgender college principal overcomes taunts and abuse
India's first transgender college principal says her struggle to be recognised as a "third gender" was not easy in the largely conservative country and urged the government to provide jobs for sexual minorities who often face discrimination and abuse.

Ontario becomes first province to ban 'conversion therapy’ for LGBTQ children
Legislation proposed by NDP’s Cheri DiNovo passes unanimously at Queen’s Park. Health minister says conversion therapy has ‘no place in Ontario.’
New law will help kids like Stella in their gender identity struggles
‘Tyrannical’: Ontario bans therapy for teens with unwanted gay attractions

Addition of gender identity, expression to Alberta Bill of Rights draws applause
As Edmonton’s Pride Festival gets underway, many people are applauding new amendments that strengthen the rights of transgender people in Alberta, but say more needs to be done to ensure they’re protected.

As ID Rules Shift, Transgender BCers Break New Ground
No surgery required, but transitioning still far from easy.

Caitlyn Jenner’s politics, transgenderism isn’t a threat to the GOP
Barring a terror strike or an Ebola outbreak to distract us, the 2016 presidential election seems headed for a gender identity showdown.
Christine M. Flowers: Jenner's dignity is lost in macabre cheesecake posing
Caitlyn Jenner offered position as Miss USA pageant judge
Billie Jean King: Caitlyn Jenner helps transgender tolerance
Kevin Swanson On Caitlyn Jenner: 'This Is The Bondage Of Satan, This Is A Pagan Culture'
Jenner transformation cause for pride, reflection for trans community

Family in 'Becoming Us' aims to bring insight to transgender issues
When 49-year-old Carly Lehwald began painting her fingernails, growing out her hair and shaving her arms and legs, her son, Ben, didn't really pick up on the hints.

Learning how to be a lady? For the transgender market, coaches help
Erica is perched on the makeover stool, opening and closing her eyes at Beth’s command.

Focus On The Family: How (Not) To Talk To Your Kids About Transgender Issues
Focus on the Family and its action arm CitizenLink, issued some fresh advice this week about how parents should talk to their children about transgender issues. In a short CitizenLink Radio segment released this week, the organization’s resident ex-gay Jeffrey Johnston joined host Kim Trobee to provide advice for “talking to kids about gender confusion” that completely rejects and erases the experiences of transgender people.

U.S. Air Force: Transgender Identity No Longer Basis for 'Separation' from Duty
Trans Airmen, as well as other troops, may still end up banned from open service as U.S. military's 'patchwork' of policies perpetuates 'unclear guidance.'
Transgender airman buoyed by new Air Force policy

Pastor: Transgenders are really rebelling against God
'Their goal is to silence their conscience and the conviction of sin that they feel'

The dark, untold story of transgenderism
10 years after? Mental difficulties, and then it gets worse

Mott spreading transgender gospel
Topeka woman continues on speaking tour this spring

40 years for trans woman found guilty of murder
A jury didn't believe that 72 stab wounds were inflicted in self-defense at a party in Independence on New Year's Day 2014.
Transgender woman convicted of murdering friend

Barnard College Opens Its Doors to Transgender Women... But Not Trans Men
The decision, widely celebrated, still raises concerns for some over the status of nonbinary students.

Homeless ex-con charged with attempted murder in subway attack on transgender woman: police sources
A deranged, 32-year-old homeless ex-con suspected of shoving a transgender woman onto the subway tracks threatened to kill the cops who found him, officials said. The suspect was spotted by cops on a Bronx-bound 6 train in Manhattan about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, police sources said.
Cops arrest homeless man in transgender subway push

Comfort and strength: How four transgender adults held onto their faith
Alcorn suicide led to deep thinking in transgender people of faith.