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quinta-feira, junho 04, 2015

São muitas as pessoas que enfrentam duras batalhas para conquistar a identidade desejada. Conheça agora a história da Júlia Pereira que percorreu um longo caminho até se poder assumir como mulher. E fique a conhecer melhor a Amplos (Associação de Mães e Pais Pela Liberdade de Orientação Sexual e Identidade de Género) em: E ainda a API (Ação Pela Identidade) em:
(O GTP recusou o convite em virtude da associação transexualidade - patologia que se previa com a presença de um médico (que por acaso ou não foi o Dr. Décio, as usual). As previsões acertaram...)

Travesti é atropelada de propósito em João Pessoa; motorista fugiu em seguida
Um cinegrafista amador filmou o momento exato em que um veículo branco atropela propositalmente uma travesti na Avenida Edson Ramalho, no bairro de Manaíra em João Pessoa, na madrugada desta quarta-feira (3).

“Verificación del sexo”, la última humillación para las futbolistas
La FIFA obliga a las jugadoras a pasar una prueba de género para competir en el Mundial
Los Juegos ponen en duda la sexualidad de las atletas
"En las competiciones para hombres de la FIFA, solo los hombres pueden ser seleccionados para jugar. En las competiciones para mujeres de la FIFA, solo las mujeres pueden ser seleccionadas para jugar". Estas frases que parecen una perogrullada cacofónica pertenecen al punto 4 del Reglamento para la Verificación de Sexo de la organización que rige el fútbol mundial. Están dibujando en dos brochazos una realidad —la de la sexualidad humana— mucho más compleja y que, sin embargo, pende como espada de Damocles sobre la vida de las mujeres futbolistas. En concreto, de las jugadoras que no encajan en el estereotipo físico de mujer deportista, hasta el punto de amenazarlas con expulsarlas de sus equipos y someterlas a una humillación pública que algunas ya han sufrido.

UN Says Gays are Victims of Violent Abuse All Over the World
The U.N. human rights chief said in a new report that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people are victims of "pervasive, violent abuse, harassment and discrimination" in all regions of the world and cites hundreds of hate-related killings.

Timeline: The fight for transgender rights around the world
Following Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover, we look at how rights for transgender people have evolved over the last century

From Blake to Jessie: a 7-year-old's transgender story
The number of primary school children referred to the NHS with transgender feelings has quadrupled in five years. But do teachers know how to help them?

Gender recognition Bill will drop ‘forced divorce’ clause
Brendan Howlin says people trapped in wrong identity endure torture
Press Release: Ireland Agrees to Self-Declaration for Gender Recognition Bill

Jersey passes law protecting LGBT and intersex people from discrimination
Jersey has passed an anti-discrimination law that protects people on the grounds of gender identity and sexual orientation for the first time.

Bruce vs. Caitlyn: a transição de patriarca para cover girl na Vanity Fair
A revelação da capa da publicação na qual Jenner conta o seu processo de mudança de sexo dominou notícias e redes sociais.
E Caitlyn Jenner foi recebida com aplausos nas redes sociais
Caitlyn Jenner and the spotlight on transgender stories
Louisville transgender community reacts to Caitlyn Jenner
Transitioning Genders Can Lead to Steep Medical Costs, Experts Say
Caitlyn Jenner’s identity reveal is a start toward acceptance, local transgender people say
The Price Of Transgender Acceptance
Alex McFarland On Caitlyn Jenner's Transition: 'That's Demonic'
Limbaugh: National Conversation On Caitlyn Jenner Is Part Of A "Direct Frontal Attack On What The United States Has Always Been"
Sandy Rios: Caitlyn Jenner's Transition Is A 'Tragedy,' The 'Saddest Story'
Trans Is Beautiful, Even Without Annie Leibovitz
Dolphins' Rishard Matthews Lashes Out Over Caitlyn Jenner's "Courage"
Caitlyn Jenner Story Reveals Mental Toll That Gender Transitioning Can Take
Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is A Lose-Lose For Liberal Ideology
Irish transgender community identifies with Caitlyn Jenner
Anonymous forum poster delivers Knock Out Punch to Christian extremists knocking Caitlyn Jenner
Watch: Caitlyn Jenner Docu-Series First Promo
Why social conservatives are freaking out over Caitlyn Jenner
Josh Duggar’s pastor says Caitlyn Jenner is defying God
What The Media Should Know About Walt Heyer And "Transition Regrets"
Naughtie sorry for Jenner slip-up
Caitlyn Jenner's transition doesn't represent most transgender experiences

Huckabee accuses trans women of being child molesters while supporting a child molester
Video of Republican presidential candidate — and former Arkansas governor — Mike Huckabee once again describing transgender women as male pedophiles lurking in bathrooms to molest little girls has surfaced, less than two weeks after Huckabee posted on Facebook declaring his support for admitted child molester Joshua Duggar.
Huckabee invokes bathroom panic in remarks on transgender people
Everything That’s Wrong With Huckabee’s Transgender Bathroom Remarks

Gay-only policy change at Pentagon raises questions about trans service
The Pentagon is preparing an updated MEO policy that includes sexual orientation, but not gender identity.

The Triumph of a Transgender World Cup Star
Jaiyah Saelua, who became the first ever transgender World Cup player in 2014, says Caitlyn Jenner ‘gave me hope.’ She’s looking forward to 2018—without Sepp Blatter as FIFA president.

Connecticut Assembly Approves Birth Certificate Modernization Bill
After a 32-to-3 vote in the Senate yesterday, Connecticut’s General Assembly sent House Bill 7006 to the Governor’s desk for his signature. When signed into law, the bill will go into effect on October 1, 2015 and make Connecticut the 8th state to modernize birth certificate access (joining CA, MD, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA, and DC). Similar legislation is currently on the governor’s desk in Hawaii.

Defense tries to shred cross-dresser’s testimony in murder trial
The confusing tale of how three cross-dressing prostitutes got shot — one fatally — in Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach three years ago got more convoluted Tuesday when a defense attorney began picking apart the story of one of the victims as he worked to spare his client from the death penalty.

LGBT Institute names three Atlanta transgender members to programming board
When we last spoke to Ryan Roemerman, interim executive director of the LGBT Institute, he vowed that they would be adding a transgender person to their programming board before the Institute opens this summer—which up to that point the board was devoid of.

Louisiana Girl Scouts ban transgender members because of ‘health and safety’
The Louisiana Girl Scouts has broken ranks with the national body to ban transgender girls from taking part – citing “health and safety” concerns.

Farmington woman supports her transgender son
With Bruce Jenner debuting as Caitlyn this week, a local mother shared her story of when, at 14 years old, her daughter transitioned into a boy.

New health plan adds gender identity disorder
The U’s health insurance plan is self-funded, benefits are increasing and cost is decreasing.

NY Assembly OKs bill to outlaw transgender discrimination
The New York state Assembly has voted again to outlaw discrimination against transgender people, but the measure appears stalled in the state Senate.

Transgender Woman Pushed Onto NY Subway Tracks in Possible Hate Crime, Police Say
An incident involving a transgender woman who was pushed onto subway tracks in a New York City subway station is being investigated as a possible hate crime, the New York Police Department said today.

Portland Community College adds gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender students
Neither bathroom fit. Kole Myrick, a transgender Portland Community College student, drew looks when he used the women's restrooms at the school's Sylvania campus. He didn't feel confident using the men's.

Isolation at county jail prompts federal lawsuit
A transgender Lewisburg woman is suing Snyder County and its jail officials, claiming she was mistreated while in custody on a probation violation nearly two years ago.

'I lost my family, friends, my kids, my job and home' transgender woman says
Growing up in Lewisburg in the 1970s was a nightmare for Amanda Smith.
She wasn’t exactly certain what the problem was, but knew she didn’t fit in. It wasn’t until the late 1980s when Phil Donahue tackled the transgender issue on his popular daytime television show that Smith, born a boy and christened Andy at birth, figured out she was living in the wrong body.

[El Salvador]
Denuncian asesinato de activista transexual en El Salvador
Dos organizaciones defensoras de la comunidad LGBTI (Lesbianas, Gay, Bisexuales, Trans e Intersexuales), denunciaron el domingo el asesinato de una de sus activistas en el oeste de El Salvador y demandaron a las autoridades investigar el crimen.
Se trata del noveno crimen contra transexuales en lo que va del año.
"Repudiamos el asesinato de Francela Méndez, una mujer trans de 29 años, activista de un programa de prevención del Sida del Fondo Mundial para la Lucha contra VIH, Tuberculosis y Malaria", declaró a la AFP, la directora del Colectivo Alejandría de El Salvador, Karla Guevara.

Vanesa, la transexual que cambió la historia de la libreta militar
Ha tenido dos grandes amores; no cree en los curas, pero sí en las brujas y en Dios; sueña con hacerse el cambio de sexo.