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quinta-feira, maio 28, 2015

Leandra Leal paga enterro de travesti no Rio de Janeiro, diz jornal
Atriz ficou comovida com situação de veterana pelos direitos LGBT no Brasil
Leandra Leal teria se comovido com a situação da travesti Marquesa, de 71 anos, que morreu nesta última segunda-feira (25), no Rio de Janeiro.
De acordo com informações do jornal O Globo, desta quarta-feira (27), a atriz encontrou o corpo da veterana em um cantinho do Hospital Miguel Couto, enquanto dirigia o documentário Divinas Divas.
Segundo a publicação, o hospital alegou que o corpo da Marquesa não caberia em uma das gavetas do necrotério do hospital. Leandra, então, teria arcado com as despesas de remoção do corpo e enterro.

Crossdresser, travesti, trans: Laerte fala sobre sexualidade
Cartunista rejeita cirurgia e diz que não toma hormônios: "parece que na minha idade não faz tanto efeito"
No passado, a cartunista brasileira Laerte Coutinho (63) chegou a se classificar como “crossdresser”, hoje se vê mais como travesti, mas no geral sente-se confortável em se afirmar como pessoa transgênero. Prefere ser chamada por "ela", e começou a discutir o assunto no Brasil há mais de dez anos. Vai ao cabeleireiro e à manicure, se depila em casa e ressalta que a cirurgia de mudança de sexo não está em seus planos. "As pessoas fazem por sentir inadequação total com suas genitálias. Não é o meu caso."

TGEU contributes to the OSCE Hate Crime Report 2014
TGEU submitted a report containing a collection of transphobic hate crimes and hate incidents that took place during 2014 and were recorded and verified by TGEU and its partner organizations for the OSCE ODIHR Hate Crime Reporting. The submission contains the description of transphobic hate crimes: criminal acts motivated by bias or prejudice towards trans people. Click here to access the full report.

Transgender beauty queen hopeful tells of attack outside pizza takeaway by man who 'tried it on' with her
A transgender beauty queen hopeful has told how she was attacked outside a pizza takeaway by a man who ‘tried it on with her’ – not realising her gender.

Violent attacks on trans sex workers in Turkey
Findikzade. Bagdat Boulevard. The names of just two places in Istanbul where trans women have been attacked in the past month.

Draft bill on transsexuals sent to Iran parliament
A bill that would provide better protection for transsexuals in Iran has been sent to researchers in parliament, the ISNA news agency quoted an official as saying on Tuesday.
Under a fatwa or religious decree by the Islamic republic's founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran recognises transsexuality.
Sex change operations are common, with part of the fees paid by the authorities.
"To better protect transsexuals, a draft bill on all aspects, judicial and religious, has been prepared and sent to parliament's research centre, which is examining it," said Farid Habibollah Masoudi, deputy head of the social affairs assistance department.

India gets its first transgender college principal
India, probably the world, will get its first transgender college principal when Manabi Bandopadhyay takes charge of Krishnagar Women's College in West Bengal on June 9. Manabi is currently associate professor in Bengali at Vivekananda Satobarshiki Mahavidyalaya.
India gets its first transgender college principal

Transgenders: BU to sensitise teachers
Not a single student from community has sought admission despite special PG quota

Darwin showgirl Siane Tate one of first to take part in study on transgender community in the Northern Territory
A little boy who dreamt of being a girl with long blonde hair before he went on to become one of Darwin’s most glamorous showgirls is the first to take part in a groundbreaking study on the health and wellbeing of the Territory’s transgender community.

[New Zealand]
Overseas surgeries being looked into
The Ministry of Health says work is underway to explore sending people overseas for gender reassignment surgery.

Trans rights move forward in Quebec
Hearings on new rules for gender marker change come to an end

Judith Butler on gender and the trans experience
Cristan Williams, a trans historian and journalist, interviewed Judith Butler about gender and the trans experience for The TransAdvocate. They discussed the problem with TERFs and the work of Sheila Jeffreys and Janice Raymond.

Evangelicals pray to end ‘transgender tyranny’ as Girl Scouts and schools welcome trans youth
Conservative evangelicals apparently have lots to pray for these days.
Same-sex marriage rights are quickly spreading across the country, Obama declared an International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, a Fairfax, Virginia school board recently implemented a transgender rights policy, and Robert Gates of The Boy Scouts of America urged his organization to lift the ban on gay leaders.
To top it off, The Girl Scouts of America is officially trans-inclusive.

In Win For Equality, Largest County in Arkansas Passes Employment Protections for County Workers
Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, praised Pulaski County for passing much-needed non-discrimination protections that will protect county employees in the workplace. By a vote of 10-5, members of the Pulaski County Quorum Court enacted essential workplace protections that will prohibit discrimination against county employees based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as political or religious opinions or affiliations, race, age, sex, national origin, handicap, disability, genetic information or other non-merit factors.

As California Trans Inmate Granted Parole, Gender-Affirming Surgery Postponed
Michelle-Lael Norsworthy's lawyers deny claims that she's previously avoided parole in order to receive surgery, pointing out that California requires health insurers to cover transition-related care.

Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Protections Needed in the Bay State
Efforts in Massachusetts to amend the state’s non-discrimination laws to include protections in public accommodations for transgender individuals continue this legislative session. The Human Rights Campaign is hard at work partnering with MassEquality, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, the ACLU, Freedom for All Americans, PFLAG, and many other local allies to pass a bill that would add these needed protections.

Maryland Becomes 7th State to Modernize Birth Certificate Access
Maryland’s modernized birth certificate gender marker policy becomes law by default on June 3, 2015. The law will take effect on October 1, 2015. After passing the state legislature nearly 30 days ago, Maryland joins six other states and the federal government in removing burdensome and unnecessary barriers to obtaining a birth certificate that reflects who transgender people are.

Transgender protections move towards school board vote
A proposal to add transgender protections to Columbia Public School's anti-discrimination policy passed the district's policy committee Tuesday, setting the stage for the school board to vote next month on codifying it .

Transgender student pleas with CCSD to step up, protect her rights
Kristina Hernandez waited nearly a year before she could use the girl’s restroom at Harney Middle School.
A sixth-grader at the time, Kristina spent the summer after elementary school preparing to transition from male to female — something she had desired for years. She encountered no in­tolerance from other students and said no parent lodged a single complaint about their child sharing a restroom or locker room with her.

Justice Dept. Rejects Texas Governor's Assurance of PREA Compliance
The U.S. Department of Justice has rejected Texas’s assurance that it will work to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards, according to news reports.

Hasta mil pesos de multa a homosexuales vestidos de mujer
Tijuana prepara el primer reglamento de protección a la diversidad sexual del país.
La Policía Municipal arresta e impone multas superiores a los mil pesos a hombres vestidos de mujer, denunció el coordinador del Consejo Estatal por la Diversidad Sexual, Armando Rodríguez Salazar.

Primera marcha del orgullo Gay en Poza Rica contra la homofobia
En demanda de respeto se realizó por primera ocasión la marcha del “Orgullo Gay” en Poza Rica, con la participación de más de cien personas que destacaron la necesidad de combatir la homofobia que se sigue presentando en la ciudad.

Rechazan violencia y odio contra los LGBT
Organizaciones y colectivos defensores de la comunidad de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transexuales e Intersexual (LGBT), así como estudiantes universitarios y de educación media en Honduras, se movilizaron para celebrar el Día Internacional contra la Homofobia.

Homofobia y transfobia: del hartazgo a la primavera
Guatemala atraviesa una profunda crisis en su estructura gubernamental, situación que ha sido aprovechada por el colectivo LGBT para introducir sus demandas en las manifestaciones y discursos que exigen la protección de los derechos humanos como la base para conducir el país.

El duro emplazamiento de padre de niña transgénero a la senadora Van Rysselberghe
Víctor Escobar hizo un llamado a la presidenta de la Comisión de DDHH del Senado para apoyar la Ley de Identidad de Género. "Yo quiero un mejor país y, por lo que yo he sabido, la señora Van Rysselberghe no quiere que ese mejor país esté", agregó.