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sexta-feira, maio 22, 2015

Troll pays Twitter to promote tweet urging trans people to kill themselves
'Trannies, your families will never love you... Commit suicide now'
Troll creates 'Promoted Tweet' Twitter adverts telling transgender people to hang themselves

Transgender journalist Paris Lees honoured with prestigious award
Transgender journalist, activist and blogger Paris Lees has been honoured with a prestigious award which recognises up-and-coming media talent.

A transgender woman's journey: 'You feel desperate, helpless'
One woman’s battles over funding and a lack of understanding from her GP made transition an unnecessarily painful and drawn-out process

NHS treats transgender people as second-class citizens, says watchdog
Delays in preparatory treatment and therapy, and years waiting for life-changing operations, put unacceptable pressure on patients, campaigners say

Suspect Charged in London Murder of Trans Woman Visiting from U.S.
More than a month after Vanessa Santillan was found beaten to death in a London apartment, police have apprehended her suspected killer, Joaquin Gomez-Hernandez.

Surge in demand sees one year waits for children's transgender clinic
The waiting list for a transgender support service at the Royal Children's Hospital has blown out beyond a year, prompting calls for urgent action to help vulnerable children.

LGBT & HIV Advocates Welcome Recommendations of Obama Policing Task Force
Following the release of the Final Report of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, NCTE joins several other LGBT and HIV advocacy organizations in issuing this joint statement:

Jeffrey Tambor on ‘Transparent’ performance: ‘I felt throw-up nervous’
Hollywood actor Jeffrey Tambor has said he felt “throw-up” nervous when preparing to play a trans character in Amazon’s ‘Transparent’.

A transgender Navy sailor comes out
Navy Reservist Rae Nelson is among the estimated 15,000 transgendered active duty servicemen and women

A push to end violence against transgender immigrants
The wide scar that runs the length of Vivi Lozoya’s abdomen is a daily reminder of the brutal attack that almost took her life.

Parole could end transgender inmate’s effort to have reassignment surgery
A California inmate who is seeking sex reassignment surgery at taxpayers’ expense faces a painful irony: If she wins freedom from a parole board, she would no longer be eligible for the prison-funded operation she says is crucial to her emotional health.

Enhanced LGBT Hate Crimes Protections Sent to Gov. Rauner
The Illinois Senate on Wednesday unanimously gave final approval to a bill enhancing hate crimes protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Illinoisans. Last month, the measure, House Bill 3930, passed the Illinois House of Representatives without opposition. Now, the bill goes to Gov. Bruce Rauner for his review and approval.

Louisiana Governor Legalizes Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has issued an executive order that opens the door to unprecedented discrimination against LGBTQ people under the guise of “religious freedom.”
Jindal’s end run around fairness and equality

Transgender teen who won lawsuit receives Maine award
A transgender teen whose lawsuit over bathroom access went to the Maine state supreme court is one of several people and organizations honored by the Maine Women's Fund.

Transgender in Maine: Part One
Last month, millions of people tuned in to hear Bruce Jenner’s story about wanting to become a woman..
Transgender in Maine: Part Two

38 Local Non-Discrimination Ordinances Saved
GOP Bill Would Have Negated All Local LGBT Protections
State House Committee Passes HB4052 With Amendments

Philadelphia Man Charged with Murder of Trans Woman London Chanel
A day after her death, London Chanel's suspected murderer has confessed to fatally stabbing her in what police believe was a 'domestic' altercation.

En Xalapa más de 5 mil transexuales esperan cambio de nombre: Activista
En Xalapa hay alrededor de 5 mil transexuales que esperan un cambio en la legislación que les permita cambiar su estatus administrativo y reorientar el género con el que se identifican en toda su documentación, señaló la activista de los derechos de la diversidad sexual, Silvia Susana Jácome.

Cuban trans advocate: Government seeks to ‘destroy us’
A Cuban transgender advocate this week sharply criticized government authorities for failing to respond to what she described as a hate crime.

Del dicho al hecho
En tres meses ASSE generalizará tratamientos con hormonas para personas trans.

Transexuales denuncian falta de integración en el sistema sanitario
Representantes del colectivo transexual uruguayo denunciaron hoy la falta de integración que todavía sufren algunas personas dentro del sistema sanitario del país y solicitaron una mayor integración, igualdad y reconocimiento.